Poems of Pretention

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Submitted: January 05, 2017

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Submitted: January 05, 2017



Golden Words Of Glory!


Strands of gold drip from my pen like molten magic lava,

searing all it touches on its journey to the emerald sea.


Forming underwater prisms that sacrifice their young

to the Literary Gods, whose looks of disdain flow free


and easy from their knowledge-bloated foreheads and drip to the ground,

to disappear in silent oblivion, but whispering, 'you suck the biggest one around!'


You know, as I reread the jagged sentences and armor-piercing words,

I realize that the rules of 'true' poetry are for the middle-finger birds!




Silver Love On A Bronze Platter


Love doves squawk, crap, and regurgitate

love on the heads of unfortunate souls


on their way to doomsday, in fact, they're running late,

and don't have extra time for this shit.


But the man with the obvious toupee blows crimson clouds of anger,

as he dabs at the shit adorning his fancy coat.


Suddenly, he's no longer in a hurry, as he spots a fair maiden across the street,

on the sidewalk to nowhere--he doesn't know why, but it's love he feels.


As she passes him, he melts, and says with passion, 'I love you, fair maiden."

She looks at the bird shit adorning his cloak, laughs sarcastically, and gouges


his heart with these words of abrasion, "Get real, Shit Man!' and continues

down the sidewalk, the wreckage of his ego stuck to her shoe and trailing


behind her like a banner of the damned, announcing to the world, "Shit Man's Here's a Loser!'



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