The Minecraft Adventure (Chapter 3)

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Submitted: January 05, 2017

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Submitted: January 05, 2017



Morning comes. Zombies and skeletons burn up to pieces. Endermen teleport away from the sunlight. Animals start to graze on the grass. It was a new day for players to hunt, farm and attack others.

Zombie754 woke up from his bed and goes outside. He sees the sun rising and rotten flesh, bones and other remains of the mobs on the ground. He picks them up and then stores it in his chest, and goes out to hunt.

But there wasn’t that much animals unlike yesterday and the day before yesterday. He only gathered 1 porkchop and 1 chicken. It was still enough to refill his hunger bar, but it wasn’t enough to keep him filled for the rest of the day. He then remembers that players can grow and harvest their own food, and so he started destroying tall grass for some seeds.

He crafts a hoe, though he had some difficulty doing so. There was a nearby pond of water, so he sets up a farm there. He plows the dirt near the water and plants seeds in them. The seeds begin to grow slowly. Gathering some wood, he uses them to make fences to keep mobs and animals from trampling all over the crops. Last but not least, he places torches on the fences to stop mobs from spawning inside.

His farm was done. Now he had to wait. But he still needs food. Then he hears the faint sound of an axe breaking wood planks. Looking behind him, he saw that there was a player chopping down his home. “HEY!” Zombie754 said. The player pulls out a stone sword and begins to run at him. Zombie754 pulls out his iron sword at the last moment and strikes the player down. He dies and then disappears, leaving behind some stone tools and plenty of cooked porkchops and steaks as well as planks he cut down from his home.

He collects the dropped items and repairs his house. He then goes off to cut down wood, making sure no one sneaks behind him. There were a few mobs he encountered hiding under the shade of a tree but he has no problem killing the mobs.

And then he sees a destroyed house in the distance. Whose house was griefed this time? thought Zombie754. And then he sees that it looked like David’s house. Not forgetting the last night experience, he hurries to the ruins. He saw that most of the walls and roof parts were destroyed, the decorations and chests all gone or looted and the basement damaged by tnt. But he couldn’t find David. Where was he?

“David, where are you?” No answer. “David, are you still alive?” No answer again. “Zombie754, is that you?” someone replied. Then he saw David climbing out of a hole in the floor. “Griefers destroyed my house and stole everything.” David says. “I surrendered because of their enchanted diamond sword and armor. I dropped everything i had in my inventory. They said they wanted everything in my house or get killed by them.” He pauses for a second, then continues. “So i had to give them everything. And what did you think they did? They struck me down and i fell into a hole they made. Then they proceeded to demolish my house and steal all my things. I didn’t want to go back up again in case they kill me.”



Zombie754 was angry at this. He was mad at the griefers, but he knew that they were immensely powerful and that they can take him down easily. “You know, i think those griefers were in the dark swords clan.” David said. Zombie754 stared at him. He had heard rumors from players that the dark swords were a powerful griefer group that would destroy anybody they wish. They had enchanted tools and weapons, very powerful that even the bravest may surrender to them. No one was able to beat them, as they had a large group of members. But during his time being a zombie in code, he was moved into a cave with a strange writing on the wall “Even the most powerful will soon fall” it must have said.

“Now i have no home... But, Zombie, can i please stay at your house? I need somewhere to sleep for the night.” said David. “Yes, you can go stay at my house.” Zombie754 said. And then the two begin to go to Zombie754’s house. At his house, Zombie gives David some food and tools. He begins to eat the steaks.

“This home doesn’t look very nice compared to mine before it was destroyed. But its still a home, no matter what.” David says. Zombie754 looks through the door. It was getting dark. Soon there would be mobs everywhere. Asking David to stay inside, he cautiously opens the door. Then he saw a tall, dark figure. Bad mistake. He shouldn’t have looked. It startled the figure, and teleports in front of Zombie754. It was an enderman. Zombie tried to get his sword, but the tall mob striked first. His sword was thrown into the air and landed on the ground near him. He tried to grab it, but the enderman knocks him down and starts damaging him. His health points drop down each hit. He was almost dead when David hits the enderman with the stone sword. It changes targets to David. It struck David once, but he already managed to get more hits on the tall beast, and it dies and disappears, leaving behind some XP orbs and an ender pearl where it used to be.

David helps Zombie up and picks up the ender pearl. “You should be more careful next time, Zombie.” he says to him. And then the two go back into the house. David makes another bed for himself, and they start sleeping for the next day.

In between the trees, there was a dark figure that was glowing blue watching the house. It goes back deep into the woods, and disappears.

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