My Experience with Theatre/The Arts

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An Essay/Ramble on my experience with theatre things and why I consider it important

Submitted: January 06, 2017

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Submitted: January 06, 2017



 Recently, I have been discussing with a friend of mine about why I enjoy the subjects and hobbies I do. To put into context, I’m an A Level Student, taking Drama, Media Studies and History. A particularly point he focused on was drama, and how he feels that this subject is unimportant in long term life. This point along with a collection of videos and experiences kind of inspired me to gather all my thoughts into one place and explain why I feel that through use of the arts, especially through the youth, can be a valuable thing for our race.

 I took part in Rawffest 2016, as part of the Torch Youth Theatre group performing ‘Tales From a Small Town’ taking part in this performance was quite possibly one of the highlights of my year. The bonds I formed with the cast was quite unexpected, as I feel good friends with all the people I performed with there, most of which I had only met at the beginning of the week. Through channeling our combined energy into this performance, we all managed to develop some pretty essential teamwork skills, along with forming friendships. The atmosphere that Rawffest provided was also fantastic. I can say I felt surrounded by so many talented people, and it really showed me how despite how all different these forms of art may appear to us, from designing fashion to theatre, can have such a positive impact on the people there. Every single person appeared to feel like they belonged, and all got a chance to show their effort and creativity channeled through their art, with some like the MC workshop our group did, offering people the opportunity to experience theirs too. This sense and atmosphere inspired me greatly, and gave me hope for the future. If people can learn to use this force to work together as a race instead of dividing, I believe humanity can be so much better. The world isn’t in a particularly good state as I’m sure you’d agree, but events like this I feel show the real humanity in people, and how we can achieve better things.

 Another experience that I feel has made me grow significantly is taking part in the direction of a play. At my school, each house performs a play each year, directed by 6th formers, in a competition for various awards. 2016 was the year where I got to direct. I, along with my sister and a friend, directed a comedy version of Romeo and Juliet for our play. We only had a period of 6 weeks from picking our play to performance, which for a school play, isn’t particularly long. This year, the house we had chosen to direct had a large number of year 7’s wanting to perform. Infact, out of our cast of 15 people, 10 were year 7, and only three were over the age of 13. Directing such a young cast whilst being challenging, was a great experience. Watching such a young group of people bond and improve over this period was fantastic. Each person develop their acting skills significantly throughout the production, and even considered themselves a family after only 6 weeks of work together. The relationships formed through being in a cast of a play is unlike any other I have experienced. Being able to become so confident and happy with the people you are working with is something I learned through drama. One thing that particularly made me happy as a director was the level at which the cast’s confidence improved. At the start, lots of the cast were extremely nervous, hardly moving whilst performing. By the performance night, everyone was extremely excited, and were ecstatic after their performance. The way in which the creativity of the director can be channeled through the confidence and skill of a cast, whilst helping them to grow is an extremely valuable experience for a young person to have.

 Overall, I feel that the benefits of taking part in drama myself has helped me to grow and develop into the person I am now. This mindset that my hobby has helped me take on I feel can help people work together and combine their efforts into solving problems we have in the world today. I will be going on to study politics in university, which seems like quite a divergence from the path I’m on now, but I think that skills that you can acquire from taking part in arts can help this. Drama is not the only art form that helps to show this level of community and humanity in people, all forms do. For other examples, there are videos such as ‘Where the Hell is Matt?” Which shows a man traveling around the world dancing with hundreds of different people. The happiness and humanity shown by the simple act of dancing together is truly heart warming, and genuinely inspires me. Another example of this effect is the Rock 1000 in Italy, which shows hundreds of musicians coming together to perform ‘Learn to Fly’ by the Foo Fighters. The common love for this band has drawn people together to achieve and perform such a spectacular event. Things such as this help me to look forward and believe that if this energy can be used by future generations, then we can truly help solve some of the world’s biggest issues. This may seem a bit rambly, but I felt inspired to write this after some thought. So that is why I believe that art forms are important for people as a race, and even just for me in my life.

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