ghetto luv stories from the hood

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Khole and Kevin were high school sweethearts they were everyone's favorite couple, but Khloe wanted to explore with another man. She always was having mixed emotions about Kevin, but she'll snap back to reality. Kevin was a good dude, and would do anything for Khole. Khole meet a guy name Marcus, and she was blown away. He was a big time drug dealer. He was a fine as wine. He was tall, dark skin, a mouth full of golds, long dreads, and well dressed. He approached Khloe. What's up ma? He said so humble. Hi, but I'm not interested. He never was let down so he didn't know how to react, but he just walked away to his 2016 BMW. Khloe mind started racing but she thought about a better lifestyle, and felt like Kevin didn't have to know. He looked up and Khloe was at his car, he showed all his golds. Khloe panties got so moist. So, are you getting in? I'll bring you back to your car. Khloe started messing with Marcus hard, and she forgot all about Kevin. Kevin and Khloe relationship was going down hill, he didn't know why his relationship was starting to fail. He loved Khloe more than he loved himself. Khloe is their someone else? No she shouted back and ran to the bathroom. She started crying because she knew she was wrong. Kevin was lost because he noticed all the nice jewelry, expensive dresses, heels, and even a diamond ring but he was blinded by love. Khloe started feeling funny so she went to the Doctor. She was nervous because she was hoping she wasn't pregnant. She couldn't put it on Kevin because she stop having sexual contact with him. She was thinking about all the freaky things her and Marcus did together. She smiled and cried. She started thinking about Kevin because Kevin purpose to her the other night hoping it Will fix things, but she drifted back off thinking about Marcus. She was falling for him, but she was interrupted by the Doctor. Khloe the good news is your not pregnant but the bad news is your HIV POSITIVE. We need to know names of anyone you slept with. She ran out the doctors breaking down with the papers. Khloe face was full of tears. She was shouting how can I be so stupid. She started fumbling through her purse, and discovered the ring Kevin brought. She glanced at her engagement ring and she finally thought about Kevin. She rushed home stayed in her car. She fumbled through her purse again, and she noticed her gun. She grabbed a pen wrote sorry on her results, and she wrote Marcus full name on it. She grabbed her gun, she begin praying with her gun to her head. She was crying hard. Kevin walked out and seen the gun to her head. He screamed out NOOOOOOO BABY I LOVE YOU PLEASE NO! I CAN'T LOSE YOU. I'M SORRY KEVIN! OKAY KHLOE PUT THE GUN DOWN. PUT IT DOWN NOW! PLEASE! I LOVE YOU! WE CAN FIX IT. KEVIN, NO WE CAN'T FIX IT I LOVE YOU. I'M SO SORRY! (BOOOMMM) the gun went off.

Submitted: January 06, 2017

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Submitted: January 06, 2017



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