The last night of George Michael's life

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This is what George Michael might've felt, the night before he died, which is on Christmas Eve. RIP George Michael

Submitted: January 06, 2017

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Submitted: January 06, 2017



The Last Night Of George Michael's Life:

By Alaq Alhussein

This is going to be what George Michael might've been thinking (assumption)(guess) at the last night of his life and the waking up of it on a Christmas morning:

"I am going to sleep, it is very cold. I love my sixteen century home, I feel like it was always a part of me now and where I always lived for many years."

George lays down.

"Tomorrow is Christmas, I am ready for the big surprise with my partner"

"I am all by myself, I need company, Fawaz isn't here"

"I am so happy with the way, I survived with the bug Pneumonia, I thank all of the doctors that were keeping me alive and saving my life"

"I feel ill, not feeling well, but I know that I will recover"

"I feel a burning in my chest"

George goes to sleep and looks up at the ceiling.

"I am still working on the new album that is coming up that will be released in 2017, and I soon will make a tour for all of the fans"

"I feel like time is flying so fast, just the other day, I recorded and filmed the music video, "Last Christmas" with my friend Andrew.

"I am planning to make a song called "This Christmas", that way it will go with "Last Christmas".

"I feel that this year is going to be a different Christmas, apart from all the rest"

George looks at clock:

"It is 12:00 o'clock, I am feeling extreme lack of breath, I almost can't breathe"

"I am waiting to wake up to Fawaz waking me up next morning, to see the new beautiful Christmas day and have lunch, just like my mother used to call me every morning to get decorate the Christmas Tree"

George falls asleep and never wakes up.

Fawaz, wherever he was

Fawaz thinks that George never woke up the time he usually does.

Then the time ticks way past the time that George usually wakes up.

George hears Fawaz call him to wake up, but cannot respond.

George says, inside:

"I am still here, but not physically"

"I was so ready to spend the Christmas, but I couldn't"

"I guess this is the end of my life, it was very nice time that I spent with you Fawaz"

"Imagine that I am there eating lunch with you and having the best times"

"Always remember me"

"Don't let my passing affect you, I want you to have the best holiday and so will I in heaven"

"I will see my mother that I haven't seen for almost 20 years, that I always wanted to see"

"I guess this is the end of it all, all the fun times and all of the bad"

"I will be remembered as an artist for my music and dedication"

"I achieved everything that I wanted to achieve, my life was amazing, but I am still so young"

"I'm never gonna dance again"

"Last Christmas", George Michael passed. 

Gone too soon.

So sad, that a close partner to Fawaz passed away like that.



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