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If you want to eat well, go to the local farmer and ask for fresh, organic food. And you are sure to find "the best food in the world" if you go to the farm of Georges. It was so until Georges got into trouble with the agrobusiness who tried to change the way he run his farm. This is a story about the fight between an ecological farmer and the chemical agrobusiness.

Submitted: January 06, 2017

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Submitted: January 06, 2017



If you want to eat well, go to the local farmer and ask for fresh, organic food. And you are sure to find "the best food in the world" if you go to the farm of Georges. Because Georges is the descendant of the first farmers who walked this land hundreds of years ago. And they kept their traditions, love for the land and good, healthy food as family sacred values, and as contribution to next generations. Georges took very seriously family tradition and fought like a bull to defend and protect it from the invaders. He called them the "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" every time someone working for the agrobusiness, came to his farm to bother him. He didn't want to use chemical products (fertilizers, pesticide, Roundup...) on his land. He called them "Criminal" cause they poison people consuming their products, especially the genetically modified soybeans and corns. These companies bring "Sand and Sorrow" to people's life, as out of the sand (desert) nothing grows. These companies proposed him to do business. They had big money, made offers and proposed to sign contracts. But with Georges it always ended the same way: "Burn after Reading". And it became an open war with companies such as Monsanto. "The Descendants" of "Great Uncle Georges" -the name of the first farmer of the family who inmigrated hundreds of years ago- wouldn't accept any deals with "Money Monster". Georges called Monsanto this way for the huge sum of money they asked him in court for using "accidentally" their genetically modified seeds. Georges said to the judge.

"It's up in the Air"

He meant, the wind had brought the seeds to his land. It was an accident, he didn't rob Monsanto seeds.

"This is Darfur now!"

He shouted to the lawyers of Monsanto in court. And in Darfur it was hell at the time. So he promised hell to Monsanto if they didn't leave him in peace. And "From Dusk till Down" he would keep an eye open in case people sent by the agrobusiness would try to ruin his "Harvest". To keep unwanted visit at bay, he relied on his "Good German". It was in fact a dog, a german shepherd called "Good German" -By opposition to the "Bad German" (Hitler)-. And it bites really hard if you don't stay away from him.

People living around called him "The Man who stare at Goats", cause he watched, and cared for everybody around him. As if people he watched for were goats to him. In reality he stared at God. He was a strong believer and thought that God was in his own creation, included goats. And he had to watch them as he had many of them, beside a few cows and pigs. With the help of his "Good German" of course. To keep himself strong in his fight against the agrobusiness he said to himself.

"One Fine Day" they will be "Out of Sight"

And also:

"Tomorrowland" will still be mine".

Monsanto had found someone to talk too, someone not afraid of them. Georges was for them "The Perfect Storm". A perfect storm is a storm that last all day long. And the end of the storm was what Monsanto was waiting for. But for Georges they could wait forever. There was no way he would back off. If asked what he planned to do against the repeated attacks in the media from the agrobusiness, he always answered.

"Waiting for Woody"

Woody who? Woody Allen of course. But Woody Allen would never go to Georges' farm. And that's the point. He just meant he would ignore what the media -working for the interest of the agrobusiness- would write about him.

"I don't have "Insomnia" because of them."

That's another thing he said about the situation. He just didn't care and worried too much about being at war with the agrobusiness.

"They'll need "Ocean's Eleven" to remove me."

He meant eleven oceans would be needed to remove him from his land. As there are only five oceans on earth, he had some margin before it gets to eleven ocean. He liked to joke about his problems.

At the end he said about all the "shit" that was written and said about him in the media.

"Rumor has it..."

His lawyer "Michael Clayton"advised him to take more seriously the threat the negative press represented for his farm reputation.

Georges asked his community to be the "Informant!", as any piece of information could be useful to defeat the agrobusiness. He also said that they attacked him in the media cause they were too coward to fight him on his "Playground".

"The American" need to be safe."

He kept saying in public, as he considered genetically modified food, and use of chemicals in agriculture a real threat for health security. He fought for what he believed in, and it became very political as everybody in the country got to know about his fight against the agrobusiness. The bad press brought attention on him, and made him famous despite himself.

"I'm a "Peacemaker". I don't want to fight with anybody. They are fighting me!"

He kept saying to the media to gather people support.

"They crossed "The Thin Red Line", but they'll need the help of more than "Three Kings" to win."

He liked to talk in a way that made it hard for people to understand, so his enemies got confused. The thin red line referred to "crossing the line", something the agrobusiness did, and that's what waged the war. The three kings referred to the three politicians that supported the agrobusiness against him.

"Batman & Robin" will make justice triumph."

The journalists got puzzled when they heard this answer. They quickly asked Georges who the hell was Batman & Robin. So, Georges told them they should know if they went more often to the movies. Obviously, Batman & Robin were Georges and his Good German. But it's something the journalists and the agrobusiness would never find out.

During a specific interview by a journalist doing a documentary on the subject -Farmers versus Agrobusiness and the future of agriculture-, Georges took this opportunity to say out loud what he really thought about life. As the entire country wanted to know the man who dared resist to the powerful agrobusiness.

"You have only a short period of time in your life to make your mark, and I'm there now."

Georges was on his way to become a national hero, fighting for a cause, fighting for "Healthy Food on the table of every citizens of the country". It was "his moment", and he was going to make the most out of it.

"Failures are infinitely more instructive than successes."

By saying that in the documentary, he intended to make believe the agrobusiness would win in the end. And they actually did believe it, considering Georges finally admitted his powerlessness, which in reality made them weaker and Georges stronger. It was a trick, and Georges had Mother Earth on his side. Pachamama was on his side. And ultimately, the agrobusiness would never recover for having to fight against a goddess. Pachamama is just like Georges and everybody else, she doesn't want to eat poisoned food.

"Life's better with company. Everybody needs a co-pilot."

He was talking about himself and Good German. But again, everybody got it wrong. Everybody believed the co-pilot should be his wife. But as Georges had no wife at the time, he got many marriage proposals from women all over the country who had fallen in love with him after watching the documentary. That's the kind of things that happen in the country where Georges lives.

"I find that as you get older, you start to simplify things in general."

"What kind of things?"

Asked the journalist, wanting Georges to be more specific.


And that would be his last answer. At the end, everybody believed to know what kind of man Georges was, but everybody got it wrong. People built "a persona" out of his answers during the interview, based on the documentary. But it was not "the real" Georges. Only himself... and his Good German, knew who Georges really was.

But that's not the point. The point is, he began an hero, fighting for a cause the public opinion agreed upon. Over the next weeks, the next months, he got more and more support. He became so popular and "big", that the agrobusiness began to worry. In the end, they decided it was not safe to continue their war against Georges, and they backed off. No more trials, no more genetically modified food, no more chemicals and poisons...

And that's how you win a war. Being yourself, and making everybody believe you are someone else.

"Good" Georges can now enjoy eating his organic food, and everybody (from all over the country) ask him about how to grow organic, healthy food. Everybody living around buy him food, more than he can grow. So, he advises people to grow their own food, to start an orchard in their garden.

Lately Georges got a new "co-pilot". A new girlfriend out of the many romantic letters he got from all over the country for the documentary? Nope! A Vietnamese pot-bellied pig called Max. A love story made in Hollywood,... I mean in the countryside. I let you imagine how many women this little pig made jealous.

"So, goodnight Georges. Enjoy a delicious organic breakfast and your co-pilots company for as long as you live."



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