Chicago Dreams

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When the life you built crumbles under your hands, while your heart cries out with a burning wish, then it's time to go back to what you stand for and break out.

Submitted: January 07, 2017

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Submitted: January 07, 2017



It beginns a cold morning
Waking in the bed alone
Rather not step out
Pass by without a smile
Having coffee silently
Nothing left to say
Old question reappears

Basketball and riverbands
Beautiful Chicago Dreams
Of brighter days outside
When have they left for
Worn down carpet halls
Go away to live for today
Bleed out heart crying for
Beautiful Chicago Dreams

And in those rainy days
Chills in a quiet room
Raging words in spite
Fighting for bare rights
Wounds loveless ripped
Not to heal in moons
Old question reappears

Superbowl and empty streets
Beautiful Chicago Dreams
Of cosy days inside
Now have they left for
Worn down paper walls
Stay in to hide for today
Cried dry heart out bleeding for
Beautiful Chicago Dreams

And in those quiet evenings
Sitting at a lone bedsite
Holding a kids hand
Until sleep comes by
Same sad plastic smile
Worn any day to day
Old question reappears

TV stars and rioting streets
Beautiful Chicago Dreams
Of quiet nights inside
Now have they left for
Worn down sofa cushions
Go nowhere to stew for today
Tired heart now dreaming for
Beautiful Chicago Dreams

And in those lone nights
Loveless days gone by
Bed as cold as stone
Wait until morning hours
For her soul in other arms
Blood like lava streams
Old question reappears

Nightclubs and Bourbon spirits
Beautiful Chicago Dreams
Of joyous nights outside
Used to be left for
Worn down linnon sheets
Go anywhere to stay out tonight
Hungry heart out longing for
Beautiful Chicago Dreams

It ends in awful dreams
Waking in unholy hours
Feeling bathed in ice
Heart bare to the bone
Lay alone and wonder
What it is I'm missing
Old question reappears

Airplanes and bustling crowds
Beautiful Chicago Dreams
Of happy days ahead
Worn down metal trolleys
Now have gone to fly
Far away to leave for good
Joyful heart gone living for
Beautiful Chicago Dreams

This is here and now
Now gotta let me go
Learn to live without 
My life needs change
By sunrise I'll be gone
To places I belong
Old question resolved

Factories and Metro rides
Beautiful Chicago Dreams
Of present day realities
Worn out post cards
Have turned to memories
Gone past forever more
Loving heart now living in
Beautiful Chicago dreams

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