The frog of balance

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Submitted: January 07, 2017

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Submitted: January 07, 2017



The frog was the size of my clenched fist, greyish-blue in colour with golden spots which shimmered off the ripples of light in the water. It croaked a low baseline, once, twice and then fell silent when it realised it was now firmly in my grasp.

The wet leathery skin was slippery in my hands, but for the bumps and grooves on its back. I turned it over and the legs began to wade, as if in water, pushing my thumbs away as I was trying to keep it still. Looking closer I began to smell the scent of oil off its skin, the fumes reaching my nostrils and irritating my nose.

I brought the frog to my face and licked its belly, a quick swipe to confirm my suspicion. The horrid taste of oil overtook my tastebuds. The slippery fellow in my hands didn't like the invasion of personal space and now fought furiously to escape. Loosening my grip, it fell into the pond with a splash. It looked startled and then jumped away into the nearby brush. 

Poor frog, I thought. I felt sorry for it and imagined myself swamped with the unpleasant liquid which now permeated the pond. No doubt it would cause it's death, another unnecessary loss of life and devastation of the natural habitat all due to the industry of man.

But then I thought, it's just a frog. This pond is a stones throw from the nearby refinery and it is expected that at some stage the pond would have to go. Nature would have to move on from here and allow man to settle and expand.

I perceived then, that this has been the constant struggle of man versus nature, which is also the internal battle of every person on this earth. We want progress, development and advancement. We also want peace, tranquility and serenity. Balance is required. A measured approach. Care for the new and the old in an attempt to live side by side, in unity and harmony. 

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