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Crazy how the world came to be don't you think? Not too many get to really experience life itself.

Submitted: January 07, 2017

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Submitted: January 07, 2017



There's always soemthing wrong everytime i really look around. Its ashame so many people out to be the same, as if they are following the same path they've witnessed so many fall. No, it can't be true? However, it is what you see today. Nothing's done behind our backs anymore, Through television they've gained control, and schools are our prisons. There's just visiting hours given to us just to see our parents for a few hours before they return to their slaving jobs, and we return to our prison cells at school.

History persists to repeat itself as wars on the innocent keep raging. Battles over simple things that man made complex. Simple things such as religion, color, and sex. For what? Certainly isn't "freedom" for what is freedom really if we have to die for it? Money drives man to do such savagely even to his/her family. The religion of love was driven out of man, we are all unique people with different beautiful features, an sex is like money in other words not really valueable, however man puts gold rings around them like the blue hedgehog chases them on his quest.

When you have a near death experience theres just soemthing about them that make  life seem to have more meaning to it afterwards. You have a new sense of awareness of the world around you as if you've finally woken up from the slave nap you've been in since you first watched tv and started school. The realization that a force greater than us is welcoming us with open arms saying we are forgiven because we are all being decieved by the evil ones that have some how claimed high positions over the world. However they are only masters to those who are not awaken. My people as it has been on my mind that most have fallen to the concept of difference when you al are the same magnificent beings God's created us. Don't put the next man/woman down to make you feel better in your slefish greedy ways, instead welcome this knowledge as a base start to help you push forward for the next coming of a leader that will help you all gain consciousness of the powerful spirit inside of you all.

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