Kindreds share

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Destiny has twisted ways of playing allies to our hands. This is my way of celebrating these wonderfull people who chose to walk with me.

Dedicated to my dear friends: Tao, Rachel, Viri, Dave, Minky, Lily, Aya and Warren
Thank you for being there for me all this time!

Submitted: January 07, 2017

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Submitted: January 07, 2017



Scars worn for the world to see
Soul singing their lamento to me
Twist of life had changed the course
Seek welcome at these open doors
Perfect strangers come to mutual care
Friends to ease same hardships share
Through the storm sure steps ahead
Take my hand when you may dread

Anxiety brings painfull truths release
Quiet hours with heartfelt warm relief
Aches shared in wounded hearts
No more fright to show my cards
Secret desires spin alluring words
Heart spilling tales like song of birds
Soar land and ocean to your side
Whenever times of need adide

A bright light of company I shall be
From unchanging world stay free
However may be frowned upon
Kindred never will back down
Around the globe we call our revolution
Equality in love to share the only resolution

In loyaly abound we take our stand
May no fate ever break this band
My mind gladly walks with you to the end
Humbly grateful, here's to you my friend

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