Blast From the Past

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Submitted: January 08, 2017

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I hate days like this where it's rainy and cold outside. However, my best friend happens to be in town so I thought we'd go out and grab some coffee. I decided to get my latte as soon as I got there thinking she would be on time. I find a sofa for two that was perfect for the gossip that was about to go down. I put my purse on one side of the couch to reserve a seat for my friend who was suppose to be here ten minutes ago. Soon as I get settled in and halfway through my drink I get a text. It's a text from a girl I knew for about five months named Yazmin. Every time we text I get happy for no reason at all. No matter if I'm by myself or in public when I see her name pop up on my phone I smile. This girl got looks, charm, and a smile that will better your mood on your worst day. Problem is she won't give me the time of day anymore. We dated just a couple months but of course she wasn't ready for anything more at the time. So here I am single as ever while everyone around me is popping out babies and getting married. I unlock my phone and opened her message. "Good afternoon" it said so of course I responded the same. I never know how these conversations will go she could be sour or she could be sweet. I see my phone light up with Yazmin's response and I found myself rushing to read the next message " Yeah it's been a ok day just finished unpacking and was wondering if you are working today or not. If you're not I'm having a small house warming party I'd really like to see you it's been months." As I'm reading the message I felt my heart fall to my stomach because I instantly became anxious and nervous all at once. I haven't seen her in so long but before I could reply I look up and see my best friend MiMi walking up. I notice she is well put together today that would explain why she was so late. I see she has already ordered her coffee and was more than willing to initiate conversation. She has so much to talk about I can see it in her face she is dying to explode with all her news. I'm listening to her talk but I also continue to text Yazmin for more details on the party later. Once I confirmed that I was coming over later I drift my focus back to MiMi. I interrupt her to tell her my plans for the night hoping for positive feedback. Instead I watch her face go from happy to "what the fuck" in less than a second as soon as the name "Yazmin" came out. "So youre still not over her!? Girl let it go. You would think after all that shit she did you learned your lesson. Girl no. Just take your ass to work." I acted as if that was the plan.. Like I was really going to work you'd think she would know me better by now. After about two hours of gossip with Mimi my time is running short. I get home rush straight to my closet and start digging out outfit after outfit. Finally once I found the perfect outfit. Nice maroon top with dark jeans and over the knee heeled boots was the move for tonight. I set my outfit aside till I washed up, did my hair, and finished my makeup. I look at myself in amazement noticing how my hair looks nice in two separate messy curly buns on top of my head with just enough eyeliner to be as fierce as a cat. So I call Yazmin to let her know I'm on the way and in return she informs me that there is a little more people than she expected but she is happy I'm coming through anyways. When I reach her house I'm realizing I've never been here. When we were dating she lived with family so she always just came over my place. It's going to be nice to see what kind of place she keeps. I knock on the door but I don't hear anyone. I'm getting testy because it's cold outside and I noticed a few neighbors looking at me. Just when I'm feeling stupid I hear the knob wiggle. Yazmin opens the door for me and I enter her apartment. As I look around I see no one in sight just Yazmin standing tall with long dark brown hair, black basketball shorts, a dimple in the cheek, and eyes that tell it all. "Where is everyone? " I asked with confusion. "This is it.. Just me and you. I figured I'd surprise you since I know you like surprises" she said to me as she directed me to the sofa. She hands me a mango game rello straight out the pack and a tray with the stickiest herb Ive rolled in awhile. I take the grinder and look up at her as she makes moves to the kitchen. Talking to her from across the room I ask her "Are you going to explain to me what is going on and why are you acting so..." But before I could even finish she said " I'm sorry. I just know I've been a ass for a while now and now that I'm where I need to be in life I can finally give you the attention I feel you've been wanting from me. That's only if you still want it." Shocked and puzzled all at once on what I'm hearing I finish up rolling the blunt and she continues to speak " All the things I did to you I can't take back and just by you coming over here at such short notice made me want to make tonight real chill and comfortable for you. I even got dinner.. I mean I didn't make it but I ordered pizza. I'm just trying to cut up like we use that ok with you? " By this point I'm smiling so extra hard because this is what I want to hear. I gave this girl such a hard time for weeks when she decided to break my heart. I was shocked we even ended up cool again. So to sit here and hear her apologize to me without wanting or waiting for one in return was different. We continued with the night watching all three Friday movies back to back till eventually it was time for me to call it a night. I wanted to get home before the rain outside got too bad. When I started gathering my things to leave that's when she asked me to stay. "Idk if that's a good idea" I said as I headed to the door "I have no clothes here for when I sleep, no toothbrush, no shower, no weed, no nothing. I got to go home." She hops in front of me laughs and says "I got all that here plus it's raining. I already told you I'm just trying to chill. It's just I know you are a terrible driver and it's nasty outside. We can lay down after you shower if you want. " After a little more persuasion I was talked into staying the night. Yazmin rushed to the bathroom to set up my shower and set up everything I would need to stay the night. I go to the bathroom shut the door behind me. I'm taking off my clothes looking around her bathroom realizing how girly of a set up it was for someone so aggressive like her. I liked it though. I pull the shower curtains back and enter the shower. The water is just right and I have my music from my phone playing in the background. I started to sing to a couple good rnb songs till I noticed I've been in the shower a good minute and that it's time to get out, roll up, and go to bed. Just as I was about to turn the shower off I hear someone opening the door. Obviously that someone was Yazmin but when I saw her she was bare. Nothing but the glow of her skin was what I saw. "Can I join? " I nodded and opened the curtains just enough so she could fit. As she passes me I feel her body rub against mine. I instantly begin to reminisce on the times we use to have. Does this mean those times are back? Why else would she invite me over, apologize to me, ask me to stay, and jump naked in the shower with me. I watch the water hit her body and splash off. It is taking everything in me not to just kiss all over her soft redboned skin. She always taste so sweet! Before all my thoughts could come together at once she turns to me and kisses my lips with aggression. Grabs me and pulls me as close to her damped body as she could. She kisses my neck once and then again. All I feel is her hands gliding across my body as the shower water hits her back. We switch positions as she slides two fingers in going straight for the kill. She licks my ear and whispers softly "I care about you" and right then I felt my knees go weak. As she bites my waist water pouring on us she showed me she couldnt wait no more. Taking me from the shower to the bathroom floor so she could get a taste. My eyes rolling to the back of my head as she starts nibbling and kissing my stomach making her way to my sweet spot. She grabs both legs stretching them beyond my head. Placing her whole tongue on my pussy. She begins to rock me back and forth. Each motion I'm feeling her up and down not missing one spot. As soon as I start to moan out if control she gets up and just walks off. I'm laying there with my legs shaking, prepared, and ready for more. My sweet liquids all on the bathroom rug I was laying on. I hear her call my name from the bedroom. I struggle to get up because she has my nerves going in every direction causing me to feel paralyzed. I walk in the bedroom to find her there with a vicious but overpowering look on her face. She had whipped cream and lit candles laying right out for me to see. She guided me to the bed as I layed down giving her full permission to do whatever she wants with me. She shakes the whipped cream can till it's ready to be served. She makes a line from my breasts all the way to the hood of my pussy. Then she begins licking all the cream off my moist, petite body. I don't know what to think at this point this is so different of her and the whole night has been so crazy for me. Just last night I was alone in my this. I've been wanting to feel her touch again for months now. Multiple sleepless nights because my mind and body was feenin for her. She sticks her fingers deep inside me as she presses on my stomach making me feel the all pressure. "Ughhhh don't stop" "faster" I'm yelling digging my nails so deep I feel her skin breaking. I don't want her to stop! I put a pillow under my head so I could watch her lick up everything. We make eye contact and she begins to flick her tongue faster and faster. I see my juices all over her face and when I couldnt keep my eyes open she became firmer and harder. Feeling the heat form between our bodies as she grinds herself on me. Feeling her clit and hearing the noises we make as she beats her pussy on mine. She kisses my lips as I pull her hair because I know she likes it rough sometimes. Shivers run up and down my spine as I moaned softly in her ear. "I'm not gonna stop till you scream" Yazmin saying with authority. She flips me over till my face is down into the pillow and then I heard vibrations. Her fingers stayed inside me as deep as they could. Yazmin placed the bullet vibrater on my clit. First I jumped, but she was stronger than me. So there was no pulling away I just had to take it. My legs try to run but get discouraged. "Ooooooh", "uh", "baby please I'm done" I screamed over and over but she didn't care. She accelerated and went faster sending vibrations through my clit all the way to my soul. I feel her, I want her, and I need her. Were the only thoughts racing through my mind. "Yazmin baby damn! " I repeated over and over till finally reaching my climax. After seeing the satisfaction on my face she crawls over me to lay down and soon I follow not saying a word. So overwhelmed by the sex to even think. I bring my head to her chest and I wrap my arm around her. She kisses my forehead as she brings the covers over us. We let our bodies speak so that at this moment our mouths didn't have to. Feeling happy I met her all over again and just like that all the wrong she did to me in the past just disappeared. It was all replaced with hope and faith again. I kiss her back and laid there with a grin on my face listening to her heartbeat till we both went to sleep. The end.

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