In the rainforest

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The intangible quality and aura of the rainforest.

Submitted: January 08, 2017

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Submitted: January 08, 2017



Perched on the highest branch,the macaw sings it's predestined song.Echoing through the dense jungle which would otherwise be drowned in the silence of ancient spirits.The melody bounces on the canopy,one tree to the next in a game of chinese whispers.Meanwhile the exotic orchids that cling to the coarse trunks sway in the perodic drafts.

The sudden noise of distant monkeys feasting on seasonal fruits bring a sense of live orchestra into the entire tune, with an unknown conductor somewhere in the undergrowth.In addition the wild boars grunt and tackle each other in the muddy puddles shrouded by the thick shurbs of varying leaves,some thin and long ,some pointy and small and some covered in torns.Then in this life infested canvas a hazy mist begins to spread as insects and all sorts of critters and crawlers make their way to their own abodes.The clouds condense up above the tree tops and in an instant there is a jubilant downpour of rainwater.The moss and lichens have begun slowly to spread on the damp barks but all the activities seize in reverance and appreciation of the rains in the rainforest.

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