Cinderella's Shoe Is Not Mine

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Submitted: January 08, 2017

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Submitted: January 08, 2017



Chapter 1


By Alaq Alhussein

I was once walking outside and the breeze would constantly blow through my long silky hair. The weather was the best that it ever could be. I was walking around seeing many tall green trees with leaves that had just began to turn red and all of the seasonal colors. This reminded me that Fall was on its way. While I was walking, I went through a grassy field, and everytime I would walk I could feel the grass tickle my feet as I was only wearing dark blue sandals. I had currently nothing on my mind, just enjoying life and its wonders and especially enjoying the nice day. Then I looked at the skies and noticed that there were no clouds in the sky, a fresh summer day. 

Then, suddenly a squirrel came rushing in front of me, very quickly. I smiled and then saw the squirrel was going through a path that the sun's rays had touched. It was near some small bushes that were mostly covering this secret object. I saw a crystal like object that were reflecting all the colors of the rainbow. Then for a second it blinded me. I was wondering why was the sun's rays touching only that object? Then I got curious and walked slowly to see what it was. When I came closer the squirrel ran away. Then I reached for the object that was far away, so I stretched my hands so far and finally, I reached for it....

"OUCH!" It burned my hands, I felt like I was touching fire. The problem was that the sun's rays were still reflecting and shining on the object. So, instead, I pushed away the bushes with my arm to see what it was.

It was surprisingly one glass slipper. Wow, I thought to myself. I was wondering who it belonged to, and why it was lost in the middle of the bushes. After that, I took the slipper and felt that it was a bit heavy.  I also noticed it is not burning hot anymore, for some reason. I then wore the slipper and I felt the glass feel warm on my skin and realized that this was the first time that I had wore something made out of glass. and it fit perfectly. I thought "Wow, what a nice slipper". I then looked up at the sky and noticed that the sun was just beginning to set, and a loud breeze blew on my face and it was the best feeling ever.

Then all of a sudden, I saw a dress forming slowly and my hair was being raised up. I got so scared and did not know what was going on. Then, I saw a lady with a magic stick. I was wondering how she came and what was she doing exactly as she came out of the blue. She was dressed in a red silky rope and was older in age and had light blonde hair. She honestly looked like a peaceful person especially since she had a beautiful and kind smile on her face. did not know what the stick was and what it was used for. Then while I was questioning I forgot about what was happening with me. Then I looked down and saw that I was wearing a beautiful dress like no other. I was wearing a white dress with white long gloves that reached a bit higher then my elbow. I put my hands up at my hair and noticed that I had a hairstyle that I felt I had nice tight braids that are all put up  on my head. Also, a small yellow crown, that had a red diamond. The dress was filled with crystals from top to bottom I felt like it was glowing. Then I held up my dress to see my shoes and noticed that I was wearing the same glass slippers that was found in the woods but two slippers. Then I saw that I had a beautiful necklace with a white crystal in the middle and a yellow frame.

I was wondering what was going on, while I was very happy with the dress and all of the things that I was seeing. I noticed that everytime the lady would point her stick, something new would happen and I would feel a touch from the wind. I was questioning whether I was dreaming because I knew that a stick has no to little power and why all of this was happening. After, the magic started to fade away I was frightened because it was getting dark and the sunset is at its last moment. Then the same lady was starting to show fully and more clear as the dress magic was fading. 

"Don't be scared" She says. 

"I came here to tell you that you were the chosen one"

I get really confused and say "Well, thank you for the dress, that really means a lot to me, and thank you for making me happy". 

"But, How did you do it" I say

"Don't worry about it, I wanted to tell you that you were chosen as the princess"

I start to really get confused and wonder what she was talking about.

Then I start to see the glow of my dress in her eyes. 

"I don't understand" I say

"You should be proud because only you fit the glass slipper"

I did not understand and was very confused the whole time.

I was wondering the whole time who she was and how she came but I didn't want to ask her.

She continued to talk and then I noticed that the stick that she was holding had a special glow.

"Pardon, what is this stick?"

She continued to reply with the same answer "Don't worry about it"

Then she told me who she was, which made it 10x more questioning.

She said that she was my Fairy God Mother.

Then I continued to smile and ask myself "Does she relate to me, I have never seen her before, but she seems like a nice lady"

While she was talking about the "chosen one", I noticed that it was getting pitch black dark and the only thing that was lighting up the place was my dress and the magic wand.  I excused myself and I said "Thank you so much, but I really have to go, my family is expecting me".  She nodded and gave me the special invitation to the Princes Royal Ball next week. I had an unexpected smile on my face from happiness. I thought, "Wow, I would love to go" 

She said that I was one of the people that were especially invited to the Ball as one of the first to dance with the prince.

"Thank you so much" I said.

She added "Be sure to wear this dress at the Ball, It was surprise him"

I smiled thankfully as she was starting to fade away and disappear. I kind of felt scared all by myself since I was by myself next to the bushes. After she disappeared, the only thing that was lighting the place was my dress. Fairy God Mother, also left me with the Royal Ball Invitation and continued to thank her. 

Then, I started to hear a rumbling in the bushes a scary sound, then I thought that I should go back home, since my family would be afraid for me. So, I ran back home with the beautiful dress. I know my parents are going to question how I got it.

I went back home and told my parents all about it, and they had a big smile on their faces, and as I thought they did not believe the Fairy God Mother coming and magically giving me a dress. They acted as if I bought the dress and recieved the invitation as mail but I didn't and they weren't convinced so I spent the whole night convincing them but no they did not believe me. Then I changed the beautiful to home clothing because I was getting ready to go to sleep. Once I was finished changing and was hanging up the dress in my warm cozy room, I started to look at my window. I could see the moonlight. I closed the lights of my room and sat on my bed and saw the moonlight come even clearer then before and then I could finally see the shape. It was a crescent and my eyes felt relaxed as I was looking at it. Then I started to think that this really was something magical and unbelievable and even a once in a lifetime kind of event. I started to think that maybe I really was the chosen one.

Then a week later of waiting for the Royal Ball I went with my family. My sisters, brothers, father and mother, every family member you could imagine was invited. The day of the Ball, I was getting dressed and wore the same exact dress that the Fairy God Mother magically put on me on that beautiful sunset night. As I was putting it on, I felt glitters falling on the ground.  Then I looked in the mirror and noticed that the shine was brighter then before. I thought, this dress has something in it, something special. Then I kept repeating to myself, that I am the chosen one.

After that, I heard my mother call me, then I realized that I didn't know how to do the hairstyle, so I had my mom do it for me. After that after I was done and ready to go, I lastly wore the beautiful, shiny and amazing glass slippers, that put me in a magical place, everytime I would wear them. Then I ran downstairs to see everyone changed and then I was ready to go. My whole family were dressed also beautifully and they always ask me where I got the dress from and I keep telling them that it was the Fairy God Mother and they still wouldn't believe me.

Then, I was getting exteremely happy as me and my family were going to the Ball and the fact that I was one of the First to dance with the Prince. As we were in the carriage, on our way to the ball, I was telling my parents that I was the first to dance with the prince and they got so excited.

While, I was in the carriage, I felt the best feeling that I have ever felt in my life. I felt so relaxed and couldn't wait to get to the palace. Then my family noticed that my dress had a radiant glow, and I told them that it was magical as it was lighting the whole carriage up as if the Fairy Godmother was here. As we came close to the palace, I could see the same crescent moon that I saw a week ago and it made me in a relaxed mode.

Then we finally arrived and were escorted to the palace with the help of the palace guards. I got so happy that I started to smile and blush, unpatiently waiting to meet and dance with the prince. I also got so many compliments on my dress, Thank you Godmother.

We finally got to the ballroom that had exteremely high walls and was very big. The biggest Ball Room I had ever seen and was filled with big chandeliers. All I was doing was looking at the beautiful Ball Room, that had dark red walls surrounded by dim yellow lights and Chandeliers. I felt so lucky for everything. I glanced at my parents and they were smiling at me.

Then they were announcing the names of the maidens that were going to dance with the prince and I was one of the first three people. I smiled when I saw my name as they passed the paper around.

Then, my turn came. I felt like I was in magical land. As the prince saw me, he gave me a special glance and smiled at me. He was very handsome and had the most beautiful smile that took me to a different world. He was dressed in a yellow suit with a flower at his right pocket. He had proffesional leather black shoes and a black button down shirt with a black tie. Everything about him struck me and took me to a different world. When he first saw me he asked me about my name. His voice made me fall in love even more, he had a very soft voice and the words came smoothly out of his mouth. His eyes had a special glow on them and the way he looked at me with sincere eyes,just took me away magically.

He then asked me for a dance and I took his hands and then went to a different world. I was magically and madly in love, as he put his arms around me like a true angel and had his beautiful smile with his shiny white teeth and nicely put light brown hair. His eyes gave me the chills as whenever he smiles they smile too. I wanted to say something but I was completely speechless.

We both fell in love deeply that he started to tell me that he loved me and that felt like the best thing in the world because I felt the same for him. When I would look down at our feet while we were dancing I could see the floor that reflected our feet and how magically and smoothly his feet would move.

Then he didn't want me to leave after the other maiden was called and the second and the third one, I felt so lucky and I did feel like I really was the chosen one. Then it got to the point where the palace guards were saying that he had to dance with another maiden but he absolutely refused. Then it got from the late evening til midnight, and that was when I had to go, but he refused to let me go, but I had to. I did not want to leave the prince and so did he.

The prince was the sweetest thing in the world... To Be Continued... to chapter 2


© Copyright 2018 Alaq Alhussein. All rights reserved.

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