Light of Life

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Submitted: January 08, 2017

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Submitted: January 08, 2017



This is a memoir of Summer Sperry, but first let me just back up into my life to help you understand. Do you remember everything you went through and what you did throughout life? Now I need you to look back into your life to tell yourself what you have learned throughout, and what you learned from it. Know that everything that has happened has made you who you are and it will lead to something a lot better. I personally know that from my personal experiences, and you do too. Brighten up your horizons and know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel through all trials and tribulations.

Growing up on Mtn Dew, video games, and having a lot of pets is always fun, but in this case that was all I had. Always stuck in my room; my cave I’ll say. I basically am 12 years old right now, living with my mother, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and a bird. My dad was always out on the truck providing for us, so that we could still be living, and to put food on the table. My mother is an alcoholic and was always having a bottle to her lips like a fish to water. Now, I started to understand her pain. She lost her mom a few years ago, then my dad my father started to gamble money away like it was nothing, and I stayed locked up in my cave away from my mother. I didn’t want anything to do with her due to the excessiveness of alcohol she has been drinking…

As time passed my mother always came to my room to either yell at me or throw things at me. Honestly, I was okay with that, and I didn’t want any mental abuse when I left my room. Every foot stepped out my door was always, “Summy you’re a witch, you are worthless, and you need to grow up.” She was always in a negative mind set because of her alcohol abuse. She has pushed me, shoved me, threw things at me, hit me, took a pan to my face, and even shamed me for my every being. So, my cave was my serenity and my peace. No wonder why my dad didn’t want to be here, so he has tried to leave us years ago, but he came back for me. I tried killing myself, and mom I don’t regret it, because feeling the pain of the blade made me feel at home. It made me feel something other than what she was doing to me.

My father was always a kind, hearted man that was in the wrong, but now that I am 14 he came to the realizations that I needed a future.  He would lose the house if he kept up with his addiction, and would lose his families trust. He gained my trust back over the 2 years, and hasn’t spent a dime since. He then stated, “Summer I am so sorry. I am so sorry sweetie... I gambled $500 away, and now know that I am doing wrong.” He was in tears and so was I. I forgave him right then and there, and told him if he wanted to keep my trust he would need to change. That day he changed.

The day my mom took the pan to my face I pushed her away. That day was the day I ran from my mother. I was only 14 years old mom. That was the day that I realized hiding and running was the only thing I could do. I came to you dad, and I called you in crimson tears. I explained to him that I couldn’t handle this anymore and you told me “Everything will be okay hunny, I am coming home right now, and I will put a stop to this.” My dad quit his gambling years ago, and made up for what he did and quit his truck driving. He was there for me to make sure that I was in good mental health.

I am now 18 years old, and I now look back and see many others cared for me. I was loved and treated with compassion, but my mom was sick and always continued drinking. My mother still considered me as her daughter, but she just was too sick to care like she used too. My dad has been here through thick and thin for me. “I am so glad you never left me dad and I want you to know that I love you with all my heart.” I now see that I should have not ran from situations, and hide just because I was hurt in the past. That old situation it was needed for hiding from getting hurt, but the situation I am in now is so much greater since I am loved and cared for. My past taught me to keep my chin up, don’t let someone tell me how to go about life; To love myself, and to walk through the fire. I am still learning in everyday life, and so happy I am alive to see the greatness of life that has in store for me. There is always a place for someone and a light that shines at the end of the tunnel.

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