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Everybody you come across has some kind of what if about how they think life is really supposed to function.

Submitted: January 08, 2017

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Submitted: January 08, 2017



There's so much that man alone cannot explain such as the theories of extraterrestrials living with us, multiple God's controling people, or even theories of us as demi gods which are apart of beastality. Whatever you've heard from these people have some type of interpretation of what sounds like the same concept. What if people crack the code everyday, but those people are eliminated because "knowledge is power". Indeed that much is true, we as people possess so much more potential than we really see in front oof us. Today i want to widen your range of thinking because you should never limit yourself to positivity as that is very much healthy.

What if we are what we consider special, however theres just this void that makes us see things as the guy the in the Matrix had in a way where in today's time we are decieved through the media. People hear "media" and think hmm maybe its not that bad? Open your mind  to some positivity. I've tried a few times to alter my feelings and channel my spirit to seek more answers as to why the world is the way it is by getting "high". Shortly realized i was mistakened as those people who picked up those dirty get bys are stupid. you cant get answers that way, you only feel what you think is a sense of freedom which is inccrrect because after the high wears off you're back doing what you were doing 3 hours ago.

So why are we here? What drives us to push forward? That can be answered through you using your spirit to speak directly to the one with all the info you seek, or you could use the love in yourselves to cooperate with the people around you that could relate with you. That information they hold along with the info you hold is valuable in some way. In order for us all to see things for what they really are we have to start communicating our thoughts and feelings to the ones who actually care. You don't need to go to church in order to feel just as good as those who claim they're happy based on what they bought rather than what they can produce. I seen a man the other day in a poor village transform dirty water into healthy drinking water, and that talent/power was used for the greater good. However there are demons that attack our people everyday.

The same power Jesus didsplayed is in all of us as well. It makes sense that we have to purify our bodies/temples where our spirits reside in order to see the positives come out of every situation known to man. I figured if Jesus could do it why cant I? If these people who claimed to be so great because of their suffering were blessed with powers that few men/women poss today then why are we not cchanneling that info and making them the next role models, hastags, or headlines in churches? I love everybody don't care what they did to me. I learned and moved on, what if the one we call God won't respond to us personally depending on where the individual stands with him? What if all you had to do was use common sense and speak through your spirit in order to obtain such knowledge of what one posses. I feel like i'm peaking to all of you specifically who click my stories because thats something telling you that i have soemthing to offer to you, as you do for me.

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