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Just a short tribute to love

Submitted: January 08, 2017

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Submitted: January 08, 2017



Luxury:  The Waldorf, New York City.  After the near pilgrimage we endured, we finally arrived.  I adored the smile that flashed across your face as you gazed upwards at the skyscrapers towering over us.  That mere smile made everything worth it.  Later that night, we would be going to our luxurious well-deserved dinner.  To say that we were excited would have been an understatement; we were ecstatic.  Hand in hand, we walked into the lobby.  What we witnessed was something that we had never been accustomed to coming from a rustic little town in the Midwest.  The lobby screamed pure opulence and prestige.  That smile that flashed across your face grew even wider, and you were immediately skittish and full of effervescence.  I found myself falling into a deeper and deeper love by the minute.  You undoubtedly had me by the heartstrings.  After strolling about in awe for a while, we decided to check in, and this was when the concierge approached us.  “Bonjour, Monsieur et Madame, may I show you to your room?”  With giddiness, we happily obliged.  Still hand in hand, we were almost frolicking behind the concierge as he led us to the elevator.  We made certain to bask in the luxury of our surroundings as much as we could before we made it to our room.  In the elevator, we watched as the elevator ascended floor by floor, until we finally made it to the forty-seventh floor.  We thanked the concierge for bringing us to our room.  Surely we had seen it all when we first arrived to the hotel, yet we were mistaken.  Our wonder was magnified tenfold by the elegance of our room.  Throughout the room, crimson red seemed to be a reoccurring color.  The floor was a lustrous gold with intricate, serpentine designs while the walls had hues of beige and buff.  An ornate, crystalline chandelier hung from the center of the room.  Our frosty white, king-size bed for the night was especially alluring.  It was right next to the balcony, which overlooked the picturesque New York City skyline.  The bathroom was a painted light matte bronze.  Exquisite pillars led up to the spacious bathtub where we would later unwind.  Another chandelier was positioned above the bathtub.  The entirety of our room was fit for a king and queen, and making you feel like a queen was my objective for the night.  Nothing would deter me from filling you with glee.  By the time we had finished exploring our room, nighttime was preparing to fall.  This meant we had to get dressed for our fancy dinner.  We changed in separate rooms since we had planned to surprise each other with our outfits.  I changed into a pewter dress shirt complemented by a burgundy tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.  I tucked my shirt into my pants, and fastened them with a belt.  I fixed my hair, and my aroma was of Versace Eros.  I sat on the bed as I eagerly waited for you to finish, and when you did, my breath was stolen.  You were wearing a deep navy blue lace dress that reached just below your knees while the sleeves reached just before your elbows.  The dress exposed your shoulders and collarbones.  The heels you wore were an ivory color.  Your light brown hair hung freely and elegantly towards your shoulders.  Perhaps the biggest complements to your dress were your slender physique and cream-colored skin.  You looked rather, elegant.  Luxurious.  I was simply mesmerized.  The first thing I did was hug your rosy lips with mine.  Night had fallen, and the nighttime skyline had become alight.  We made our way towards our luxurious dinner date that awaited us at the Bull and Bear Steakhouse.  The décor of the restaurant was lavish as well.  Mahogany, chestnut, and gold were all colors that stood out.  Our host greeted us when we arrived, and led us to our table.  For that night, there was no budget.  Whatever our hearts could have desired were granted.  That night that I shared with you was beyond a pleasure.  We filled our stomachs to the brim with Chateaubriand steak, crab cakes, and exotic French wines.  I was blessed to be able to share the experience with you, and only you.  How would I define our night up to that point?  Luxurious. 


Passion:  After a long day consisting of arriving to our opulent New York City hotel, strolling around the lobby in awe, breaking in our room fit for a king and queen, and having an elegant nighttime dinner date, we undoubtedly felt luxurious.  Perhaps one of my most awaited moments of the entire day was upcoming.  I asked you to wait while I returned to our room, so I could surprise you with the romance I was about to pamper you with.  I set up a trail of rose petals leading up to our frosty white king-size bed, and sprinkled more petals atop the bed.  Not only did I kindle candles surrounding the bed, but throughout the entire room as well.  I opened the balcony door, and the city lights exposed themselves.  In the bathroom, I had candles ablaze as well, prepared the bath, and made sure the champagne was ready.  Finally, to set the mood I played “Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 2” by Chopin in the background.  Once I was entirely prepared, I went and fetched you, and had you blindfolded on the way back to our room.  Your avidity was uncontainable, and when I removed your blindfold, you looked around the room and latched your arms around mine.  Still intertwined, you looked up to me with your sapphire eyes and beamed, stood on your toes, and hugged my lips with yours.  While I had kindled the candles, you kindled my heart.  We continued to kiss gently and tenderly.  That night I fully intended to exhibit to you my innermost passion.  I moved down from your lips, and began petting your neck, your weakness.  You elegantly removed your navy-blue lace dress, and let it drop to the floor.  What was exposed was your natural, slender, cream-colored body, and my heart could not help but skip a beat.  My passion could be contained no longer.  I led you to the bed, and laid your bare body atop the petals.  You gathered some of the petals and sprinkled them across your stomach and chest.  Your innocence tantalized my senses.  My body joined yours in becoming bare, as I then laid on top of you.  We could hear the bustling nightlife coming in from the open patio door, as did the vibrant glows from the skyscrapers.  The incandescence of the candles along with the romance of the extravagant piano music made that moment idyllic.  I kissed all over your neck, and felt as your breathing gradually augmented.  Still kissing your neck, I gently twirled my finger across your nipple, and your mouth became slightly agape.  I pulled out a bottle of French wine and poured it over your small yet tantalizing breasts.  Ready to taste, my hands gently rubbed the wine on your stomach and chest.  The French wine combined with your breasts made for the ideal combination; you tasted like perfection.  Knowing you had sensitive nipples, I made sure to watch your every moan and whimper.  I made sure your tongue could taste the wine on mine.  You smiled while we kissed; it was a sensation like no other.  Your eyes twinkled and gave me the signal.  You spread your legs astride all for me, and only me.  I moved my head in between your legs, and began to kiss the peripheries.  I pulled and tugged on your lips with mine, and gently flickered your rosebud in circles with finesse.  You began to dampen, and my tongue eagerly savored your juices.  The glowing heat from the candles along with the twinkling skyline made your peach glisten.  With intricate patterns, I swayed my tongue all over your peach until your moaning became uncontainable.  Panting from climax, you beckoned for a taste of my tongue.  You were met with glee after tasting your honeyed juices.  I was ready to show you the epitome of pleasure.  I lied prone on top of you while you lied supine.  Our bodies met followed by an explosive sensation of radiance and warmth.  I pinned your wrist down above your head with my left hand, while my right hand gently interlocked with yours.  My penis slowly made its way between your walls until it could enter no longer, and I watched as your mouth became fully agape.  Our tongues hugged while I leisurely and tenderly glided inwards and outwards.  Your eyes opened gracefully, and I was met yet again by your mesmerizing sapphires.  You slightly creased your eyebrows and gazed deeply into my eyes while I continued your pleasure.  The expression that you gave me tranced my heart.  Some of the wine I poured on you had splashed onto your neck, and I made sure to savor the residue.  I dug my hand and gripped the back of your head while the other delicately twirled your nipple.  Your sensual moans became gradually louder as I worked my magic.  You were my princess, and to say you looked beautiful would be an understatement.  I placed my fingers on top of your clitoris and began to slowly caress while still slowly making love to you.  Your body started shuddering from pleasure while I could feel your walls contracting.  All of this was while our eyes were centimeters away from each other.  I sped my thrusting up to finish you off, and left you a shuddering, tingling, convulsing beauty.  I slowly pulled out of you, and laid my head atop your chest.  Your heart pounded rapidly while my head rose and fell.  The aroma of the wine still lingered.  You thought we had reached the pinnacle of the night, yet you were mistaken.  Hand in hand, I led you over towards the patio door.  I closed the door, and pinned your back against it.  I lifted your left leg upwards, and slid into your warmth yet again.  I lifted your arms upwards as well, and both of our hands interlocked as I glided inwards and outwards.  Lips hugged and tongues danced as we lost ourselves in that moment.  Our eyes met again as I continued to pleasure and pleasure.  I looked past you and gazed into the vibrancy of the nighttime city skyline.  In that moment, I was beyond blessed with such a sight and sensation.  “Look at the view,” I told you.  I turned and pinned your stomach and breasts against the glass door, and lifted your leg once more.  I placed your hands against the glass, and laid mine on top of yours.  The view overwhelmed our senses.  Down far below, the streets became blurred lines from all the moving cars.  Twinkling stars and twinkling lights were my favorite parts of the picturesque view.  I kissed the back of your neck and breathed into your ear as you became overwhelmed with pleasure once more.  Your heavy breathing fogged up the glass.  Together, we both neared our pinnacles.  A sense of warmth rushed through my body from head to toe as I filled you with my nectar.  All the while your body convulsed one final time.  I watched as your panting eventually ceased.  You turned around and sunk your face into my neck.  I picked your slender body up and led you towards your pampering.  I took you to the bathroom and gently placed you into the bubbling bathtub.  I joined you and sunk myself into the relieving warmth of the water.  You were grinning from ear-to-ear and laughing with glee after the night we had just shared.  I felt whimsical being with you in that bathtub.  I pulled out the champagne, and poured us our drinks.  Our glasses clinked as we laughed the night away. 


Bliss: She was effervescently giddy as we drove through the verdant, tropical Kauai mountains.  Windows were down as the breeze elegantly made her loose, brown hair flow behind her.  The pathway to our destination was serpentine in nature, which allowed for us to leisurely cruise and take in the beauty of our tropical surroundings.  The vast sky was an azure blue, which resembled her dazzlingly twinkly eyes.  The warm grains of sand across our feet called our names the longer we continued driving.  I turned my head towards her while I was driving, and she was majestic in appearance.  The rays from the sun struck and radiated her peach-colored face while her hair glided behind her from the island wind, like a lion’s mane.  She was the epitome of perfection.  While I was eager to arrive, the voyage there soothed my fervor.  Keeping my eyes on the road was a task being enclosed within the pulchritude of the jungle.  Deciding whether to stare in awe at her or the jungle was an even greater task, however.  In those moments, there was no one I would have rather been with than her.  We had finally arrived after minutes seemingly became hours.  We arrived with perfect timing as the sun was beginning to become reclusive.  I was relieved and highly gratified to be able to stretch my arms and legs.  We gazed all around the beach, and there was almost no one to be found.  The beach was entirely vacant apart from the bartender of a tiki bar.  The bar was nestled between two flowing palm trees.  I changed into my usual swimming shorts, but she was another story.  I started at her head and worked my way down.  Her light brown hair dangled freely towards her shoulders.  The breeze intermittently raked its fingers through her hair.  She bit her lip and smiled coyly when she noticed my gaze.  Covering her body was an alluring, rosy bikini.  Her small yet tantalizing breasts rested snugly inside her top.  Covering her bikini was a white crochet cover up.  Her innocent expression combined with the snowy cover up and her petite body made her a glowing angel.  Every sight of her was love at first sight.  I pondered how I had been so lucky to have a woman as breathtaking as her.  I was blessed with the view of the waves serenely kissing the shore, the leaves of the palm trees whimsically fluttering about, and the songs of the tropical Hawaiian seabirds.  Yet none of these could top the glamour of my love.  Yet she overshadowed in this idyllic paradise.  The silken sand seemed to kiss at our feet as we made our way to the bar.  The fact that the beach was vacant surprised us, but we did not complain.  We were perfectly content with the lack of screaming children.  As we were taking our seats, a native Hawaiian man greeted us with an aloha.  Before we knew it, our drinks were served.  The man whipped her up a beautiful, crimson sangria, while I had an ice-cold mimosa.  The mimosa was topped with a succulent orange slice, and a quaint little umbrella.  “Mahalo,” we thanked him, and parted ways.  About half a mile down the shore, a hammock suspended between two palm trees hung obscured from view within a cove.  Before heading out, however, we headed towards and sat at the edge of the shoreline, and gazed at the heavens.  She sat snuggled close to me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder.  The warmness and affection that surged through me was ethereal.  We sipped our drinks gazing into the horizon.  The vast sky was painted a violet, rosy hue, with a subtle hint of vermillion in the far distance.  The reflection of the violet sky created violet waves that splashed against our legs.  As the waves splashed the seabirds sang.  Yet in this paradise she was still the most glorious sight.  She turned towards me and planted a kiss on my cheek.  I cupped her cheek and planted a kiss on her lips.  To say that I was happy would be an understatement; I was blissful.  Love coursed through my veins while my heart skipped beats from her embrace.  The smile that I fell in love with flashed across her face.  Her warm smile was my eighth wonder of the world.  If I were ever stranded on such a paradise, I wouldn’t mind so long as it were with her.  She looked at me with her now violet eyes, and I thought of all my happy songs.  They would later become our happy songs.  I couldn’t help but brush my lips up against hers once more.  “Amazing Day” by Coldplay came to mind.  I was jovial.  Hand in hand, we began making our way towards the hammock.  Verdant, jagged mountains ahead of us rose into the sky.  The mountain slopes were covered with lush, vibrant trees from top to bottom.  They swayed and rustled from the ocean winds.  It was a sight that took my breath away.  Yet she took my breath away every day.  As we neared the hammock nightfall was soon descending.  The violet turned into a deeper purple while the vermillion had disappeared.  In its place, an array of twinkling stars lit the sky ablaze.  The hammock between the trees was spacious enough to fit us both.  We lied side to side, hand in hand.  Mother nature gently swayed our bodies back and forth like a mother cradling her baby.  The day neared to its end.  I searched for the biggest, brightest star in the sky, and dedicated it to her.  We named it Rose.  She turned towards me, scrunched my cheeks, and playfully hugged my lips one final time.  There was no better feeling than her laughter on my lips.  I kissed her on the forehead, and she eventually dozed off into a serene sleep.  I lasted a while longer and counted my blessings.  Her warm smile, her sapphire eyes, her laugh, her.  She was my blessing.  Our following day would be even better, but for now, it was my turn.  Kauai lulled me into bliss. 


Rose:  The Seine shone gold from the lights of the night.  She and I basked in the peaceful, Parisian nightlife.  Lightheartedness filled the ambience.  Cars gently hummed past us as the French chattered.  It was almost as if I was weightless.  I took her hand as we navigated our way through the arrondissements.  Our ultimate destination was the Eiffel Tower.  Along the way, we ran into a man wearing a beret playing on his accordion.  His mellifluence faded into the night the further we walked past.  The faint gusts of wind teased her brown hair.  To our pleasant surprise, the Eiffel Tower had been sparkling that night.  It was perhaps the second most beautiful sight in my world.  After the one I was holding hands with, of course.  Our lips hugged in the Parisian night.  A drop of dew splashed on my cheek.  Followed by another.  My eyes opened and were met by the sun and seabirds.  She lied next to me as the hammock still swayed; we had accidentally overslept.  I turned my head towards her.  The nighttime breeze strewed her hair all throughout her face.  Yet even in her imperfect moments I still found beauty in her.  I laid my head back down and pondered my dream.  Was it a sign that Paris was our next destination?  I pictured scenarios of how it continued, and pondered if it was trying to tell me something.  Then it hit me.  I heard her yawn next to me as she stretched her arms and legs.  She slowly opened her eyes as she turned towards me.  She smiled once she saw I was smiling at her.  No words were spoken.  She simply laid her head on my chest.  I wanted to close my eyes and go back to sleep, but we had a long day ahead of us.  Instead, I lied there gazing at the baby blue sky and the silky clouds it yielded.  With her by my side, I felt like I was snuggled on one of those clouds.  The lonely waves slapped against the shore of the still undisturbed beach.  We took one final view of the memories we made that would last us a lifetime and beyond, and then made our way to the car.  No looking back.  Before we knew it, we had found ourselves within the spectacular scenery of Kauai’s rainforests.  Flowing rivers and waterfalls were abundant.  The sun striking the water caused the river to glimmer.  It was as if the river was twinkling all throughout.  A single ray of sun snuck its way through the leaves and struck the top of a waterfall.  I felt as if it beckoned us to come up towards the top.  She made her way towards the top and let the ray strike her in the face.  She smiled and posed for me to capture her beauty.  She was heavenly.  Beside her the water cascaded downwards so rapidly that it looked more like a white foam than water.  She blew me a kiss and jumped straight down into the river.  She vanished before her head reemerged.  The water pushed her directly towards me as she climbed out of the water and attacked my lips with hers.  She took my hand, and I followed behind her as she led us back towards the top.  We took a couple steps back, smiled and nodded at each other, and lunged.  Our hands were still locked tight as we plummeted towards the water.  The shock of the water reinvigorated me.  Life and energy surged throughout my soul.  We reemerged from the water laughing.  For me it was the laugh you laugh whenever you jump directly into the pool instead of sticking your toes in first.  Her laughter was from happiness.  So we did it again.  And again, and yet again.  After we had lost count, we noticed there was a hidden rock shelter behind the falls.  The shelter was dry and untouched by the water which made for the perfect relaxation spot.  I hauled her over my back, charged through the falls, and lived to tell the tale.  I was more pleased that the falls didn’t swipe her away from my grip.  I felt like we crossed through the mirror into the other side.  Another dimension.  We took twenty minutes out of our day to lie down together and listen to mother nature.  The roar of the rushing water was the most distinct.  The verdancy up above rustled and swayed.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet even planted themselves amongst the falling water.  We took as big of a running step as we could and dove through the rainbow like dolphins.  We rose from the water and let the current take us on an adventure.  Little aquatic critters decided to tag along and swim alongside us.  I named my fish Robert, and she named hers Bubbles.  Eventually the river carried us towards our car, and we had to say goodbye to our new-made friends.  We wished them the best of luck with their endeavors, parted ways, and made our way to our next adventure.  The Queen’s Bath on the northern coast called our names.  I had managed to find a parking spot after what seemed like eons.  To get to the bath we had to traverse a muddy, downhill path, which was an adventure within itself.  I was in another world.  Bugs cried their songs to one another while the tropical birds perched on trees’ arms.  Further down the path we found a little creek that turned into a tiny waterfall.  That waterfall turned into a pool.  The pool tempted us to jump in, but we continued walking.  All the beauty we had just seen was dichotomous to the signs that heeded us warning, and even death.  We weren’t usually thrill-seekers, but that day we sought thrill.  Especially her.  We yet again came across another sign forewarning us of danger.  The seemingly dormant beast could awaken from its slumber at any moment, sweep us off our feet (literally), and drag us out to sea never to be seen again.  I laughed and we kept walking.  Immediately afterwards we stepped on the igneous rocks for the first time, and the beast came into view.  I was excited, but my excitement paled in comparison to hers.  She was basically yanking me to get a closer view.  There were puddles sprawled atop the rocks.  We were hoping to find the bath on a calmer day, but we got the opposite.  Gaia was on a rampage.  The tumultuous waves colliding against the rock sprayed droplets across our faces.  The farther I looked ahead the darker the ocean became.  Beneath our feet, the waves were a bright, foamy white.  They seemed to try and reach out to us but ultimately fail.  I took candid photos of her gazing at the ocean.  Then I had her pose with her hands under her chin and a leg in the air; she was cuter than a button.  Then we were savages by turning our backs to the ocean to take selfies.  We smiled.  We scrunched our cheeks together.  She kissed me on the cheek.  I kissed her on the cheek.  We kissed each other.  All these plus more made for a great collage.  We sat down on the rocks and waited.  Eventually Mother Nature decided to rest.  This gave us time to take a dip in the bath.  The water here was clearer and transparent.  A lighter blue.  History tells that royalty used to wash off their stress in this bath.  I made our own history and decided to name it the Queen’s Bath, after my queen.  We relaxed for a while and then made our way before the waves awoke.  We were back on the N? Pali Coast within the blink of an eye.  Except this time the sand wasn’t kissing our feet.  She wanted the best view of paradise to close off our day, so we hiked to the summits of the N? Pali mountains.  We stood on a cliff overlooking the sleeping island.  Never in my life had I seen a sky so brimming with stars.  Light pollution clogged up the sky in our Midwestern hometown.  I would get excited whenever a handful of stars emerged from their shadows.  Kauai was another story.  Stars floated in the sky as far as our eyes could see.  The sky varied in shades of purple.  The sky was more lavender the farther we looked.  When we looked directly upwards, the sky was a deep purple.  My stellar queen was in awe with the celestial sky.  Her eyes were glittering.  We set pillows, blankets, and ourselves down nearby.  She held my hand as we stargazed and pointed out the constellations.  Even from those heights, I could still hear roar of the mighty ocean.  “I love you,” she told me.  I loved her even more.  More than she could ever imagine.  I told her I loved her back, but heard no response; she was fast asleep.  I walked back towards the cliff, sat on the ledge, and dangled my legs.  I stared directly ahead at the great ocean.  Its waters were the deepest blue.  I watched as its waves met the shore.  The sandy beach.  A sense of placidity washed over me.  A placidity I had never experienced.  I closed my eyes and inhaled Kauai.  Its salty breeze.  Its musky rain.  The moss of its mountains’ verdant spires.  I opened my eyes and squinted at the distance.  I barely made out the hammock from our previous night.  Swaying.  Drowsiness got the best of me, so I laid back by her side.  I looked at the cosmos one final time.  I made out a flower in the stars.  I named it the Rose constellation, after her, and drifted into my slumber.  We stood in the center of the Trocadéro in awe.  We had just managed to witness the tower in its sparkling, glittering glory.  I looked over at her saw the smile I had fallen in love with.  Dimples on both cheeks complemented by perfectly white teeth.  The smile that made my insides swoon.  Her black sheath dress brought out her pale skin.  I wondered how I had been so fortunate to call her mine.  Even at night, the city was still bustling.  This was the type of city I yearned to live in.  With her, of course.  I took her hand and began leading her towards the Eiffel Tower.  It was my dream to visit the tower someday, and I was living the dream.  She was the one who simply perfected my dreams.  We made it to the tower, and I beamed upwards at the thousands of tons of iron towering over me.  Mouth slightly agape.  She playfully lifted my jaw shut.  The elevator lifted us up the heights to the summit.  I felt greater exhilaration coursing through my veins the higher we rose.  My heart pounded not from fear but from passion.  The glass doors slid open, and she stepped into the skyline.  My breath was stolen by the city that didn’t sleep.  Its cobweblike streets were painted a bright gold.  Tiny white and blue spots dotted the vast expanse.  It was almost indescribable.  Yet she would make the words flow from my fingers.  I would write novels for her.  I took more candid and non-candid photos of her in the sky.  Selfies too, of course.  We started walking back to our hotel near the Grand Palais, alongside the calm waters of the Seine.  Boats filled with people peacefully floated past us.  Splotches of gold, blue, red, and other colors painted the waters.  We leaned on the rail to wistfully stare into the city of love.  We weren’t even talking and she still made me feel like a butterfly.  I placed my hand on top of hers.  That was when I knew. I knew Rose needed to be mine for eternity.  I knew I wanted that fluttery feeling for eternity.  I fell to my right knee and pulled out her amethyst.  She put her hands to her face and smiled as a tear ran down her rosy cheek.

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