Itai Kohin is a Guardian in training. He walks among the living and the deceased, watching the people he knew when he was alive and protecting them day and night. His first assignment is to Arden, a girl who is being victimized by ghouls and other creatures. As Itai continues to watch over his friends and Arden, he realizes that the ghoul haunting them is not the ordinary type that he's been trained to hunt, and his killer may still be out for blood.

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Itai crouched in the corner of a dark room. His senses were haywire; each slight creak became the footstep of a murderer, and the blinkin... Read Chapter

Rest in Peace

Arden's home was nothing like Itai had imagined. He'd pictured her in the suburbs, probably humming as she tore through her schoolwork. I... Read Chapter

You Call Yourself a Guardian

It wasn't very difficult for Itai to keep up with the ghoul. Shruti kept an eye on Arden every possible moment of the day, constantly sto... Read Chapter

The Kilmores

  When Itai arrived at the complex, the spirit whom he'd briefly talked to his first day approached him, agitation clear on his ... Read Chapter