Project Dreamscade - Episode 2 - The Idiots

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Today we go and take a look at the Three worst of the Dreamscade Agents. Aeon, Amnion, and Ruby.

Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



So, Now you know EVERY agent, And the best of those agents. But, you don't know about the worst. The three that AREN'T on the Leaderboard, the three that are complete idiots. Amnion, the lowest IQ, and the other two that just want to be on missions. Let's take a look.


Amnion walked into the hallway to his two Agentmates, and stood. "Hey Ruby, What uh....What....What timezone is it?""This is space you freaking idiot, we don't have a time zone.""But every place on earth has a time zone?"'YOU IDIOT! WE ARE IN SPACE! WE DONT HAVE ONE!""Hey, Lay off Ruby. He hasn't been normal since the training incident.""I..I was f.f..fine for a little while.""You're suit locked up and the feild leaked into you're armor! You're body froze for 3 days!""Yeah but I got this scar on my leg.""Congratulations retard, you're real Dreamscade material."Just then three other agents walked in, Dream, Quartsite and Mettle. Quartsite was the first to speak. "Hey idiots. We just had a break in mission. What did you two do today? oh right, Monitor duty. Because you can't get a single mission!" Mettle and Quartsite laughed, then walked off.Dream stayed behind. "Hey there. This is Agent Electrite. " "Hey there. You three look stupid.""Electirte, lay off. They got the pick of the runts for the helmets. Guess what? Aeon and Amnion are the only ones with swords. Get wrecked Electrite. Don't pick on them.""Thanks for being so nice Dream, I..I..I know that..that I'm not the smartest but that doesn't mean i'm stupid..""Amnion you're not stupid, you're a retard. You have an IQ of 4.""But I can still understand what everyone else s.s..says!"""Congratulations you aren't completely useless.""Ruby lay off. He still has that sword.""Whatever you two. I'm going." Dream and Electrite left to the Quarters and the other three left to the cafeteria, but they were stopped by The Therapist."Hello Agents. I have recently been watching and it seems that you three haven't been sent out for a mission in some time. I have one for you. Our enemy, Train Industries has recently had a new upcoming. They are working on construction of a Building 65. And, the owner of the company has had a kid. I am assigning Amnion to go and take an identy in the Train Industry, and he is to watch over the Owner and his child. Make sure that they do not do anything. I am putting Amnion in an identy where he will not need to be at his best, but will be able to watch. He will be a Camerawatcher. Ruby and Aeon, you two will go and foresee the construction of Building 65. Dismissed. Amnion, go to the Reforgering room. Wait for me. The other two, go to a Pelican in Bay 68."Amnion walked over to the Reforgering room and the Therapist set him to look like a Watcher, and then teleported him to the Cameraroom in the ship that the owner resided in. Amnion watched the room cameras of the Owner and saw that the child had been placed in his room while the owner went to take care of matters. Amnion walked to the Owner's door and knocked. "Hello, Uh, Owner, Sir. You requested a new watcher for you're uh..Project? Uh. I'm..i'm here.""Yes. Please, call me Isaac. My child is in his room, but you may go and have a seat outside of it and call me if he cries. Make sure he's fed, I'll be back by 0900."Amnion walked in to the baby's room and kneeled by the bed. He opened the glass protecter and picked up the baby. "Hello there! My name is Amnion! And...uh...Well, I'm going to be watching you!" an Alarm went off to feed him and he accidentally dropped the child on his back. Amnion yelled and picked him up, and used a Healing unit to heal the issues, but not all of them. For now, he put him in bed with some milk and then looked at the baby's room. The baby's name was everywhere. "T..Train...engineh? Engineeh? Engine! Train Enginge! That is a nice name!" Amnion left the room and waited outside.Now to the other two.Ruby sat on a building by the construction, observing with the rifle. "Hey, Aeon, hows the groundwork coming?""I found plans for the Building. It seems like they are making some kind of holographic room down under it. Maybe it's for the owner's kid?"Ruby got up and climbed down the tower, walking to Aeon's position. "Let's go over to Building 1 and find the Owner's office. Maybe there's more information there." They then walked over to it, and into the door. The scanner wouldn't allow them, so they used Magnet mode and climbed up the back of the tower, then cut a hole in the back. They climbed in and shot anyone there. They rummaged through the office, and Aeon found something. Ruby walked over. "Holy crap! It's a Military Grade assault rifle and..what seems like a Plasma pistol? Maybe it's for the kid?""I say we leave it. It could be crucial to the future. Focus on finding plans for the building. Journals..books..anything." Ruby keept looking, and then found a journal there. They had DA.M forge a copy of it and then they made it seem like they never came. Fixed the books and drawers, then dived out the window, magnetising to the wall, then sealing the hole. They both disappeared and then reappeared at the mobile base they set up.

The therapist looked at the Dierector. "They've made it so far. I think Train Industries might be crucial. I've informed them to cover they're tracks and send any intel to us. These three might be usefull after all." "Yes therapist, I think they will. "

Next episode will be about Mission 8.1902. Episode 3/5 will be released later.

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