the veldt; mice and lions.

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Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



Daddy, how come you never let me into the ''Bad Room''?  The young flaxen haired girl asked her father.  Mr Hadley looked down at his curious daughter and said with a smile ''Because it's dangerous in there; the lions will get you!''  Mr Hadley then made a comedic impression of a lion as he tickled his daughter before laying her down in bed.

With a giggle and loving hug the daughter kissed her father and went to slumber with fairy tales of Alice in Wonderland and Aladin to guide her in her dreams.  With his daughter now a sleep Mr Hadley retired to his bedroom where his wife waited for him.  Mrs Hadley looked at her husband and asked with a smile: ''Was she asking about the nursery again?''.   Mr Hadley said in a tiring, but whimisical '' yep''.  Honey, sooner or later we are going to have to let her see it for herself.  Mrs Hadley said earnestly to her husband.

I know, but I'm afraid of how much ''She'' Might attach to Sophie.   Remeber how protective she was of us? Mr Hadley stated to his wife with genuine concern before finally turning into bed himself.  That night Mr Hadley dreamed of the past with his mother and father.   He missed his fathers smell of whiskey and cigar tobacco as well as the sweet smell of his mothers daisy perfume which she sprayed faintly on herself.  He dreamed of family dinner's he had with them; and his sister.  It was a dream of comfort for Mr Hadley.  Also, a dream of regret.

''Little mouse, little mouse'' Mrs Hadley whispered to her daughter to wake up her up.  Today me and your father decided to let you see ''The Bad Room''Really?! Sophie questioned with a grand smile.  

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