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Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



Her. I'm sorry i hurt your trident it wont happen again i cannot ever really feel your pain or see you in pain and if i see it i feel it course through my veins like a dagger to my heart, a heart whose shield is still only you. It could drop like a stone but you parachute it it could break like a bone but you would iron it and youre hand of love is all that counts for it to beat for every count. I'm sorry i hurt your trident it will never happen again I fear it just might, and i could never bear to see the pain and neither could you so it's true that you could feel like you are hugging daggers and rubbing sandpaper on your brain. Im sorry i hurt your trident it wont happen again i wish i could ask you to tell me how to never play games with your heart keep you contained and beautiful cute and lovely youre smile oh goodness ever so wonderful- in my heart and we are lovers and yet we are free paths who can ever depart twist ways out of each others paths to go to different seas im sorry i hurt your trident it wasnt my intention that would never be my heart i wish my heart could be more much much more vast and wider so it could contain a world with eyes every where, in every tree, every leaf an eye, to view all as art to view all's heart I wish i could grow to all the curves you show so beautifully to have, i crave you, i crave to grab , all that exists, i wish i could let it be, to see it how it is. I'm sorry i hurt your trident To me it came and went yet to you it impaled it etched itself like a tattoo a tattoo i could never see a tattoo i could never view a burn which burnt itself everytime the thing you loved caused you pain everytime i kissed you, everytime in vain you would try not to feel it everytime you would try to kill it that part of you which would emanate feminine love and feminine beauty and feminine power for love that devours. I'm sorry i hurt your trident it wont happen again for i couldnt bear to see you leaving me in rain kissing me for the last time ignoring your own pain yet listening to it and leaving and leaving me insane Im sorry i hurt your trident it wont happen again i want you to be free like a bird flying in the sky with no boundaries of 'i' with no limitations to bind your will or make you cry or kill yourself every second of every day. Yet which would allow you to love all from a distance in the sky, allow you to land where you wish, in the brightest if days and leave, for a while, the place if heavy rain. yet if you need the heavy rain, you could go to it too, for its much too important to be a bit sane. Im sorry i hurt your trident i wont happen again you can walk your way and i can walk mine ill grow in time, maybe now maybe not, to learn to choose how to treat your sides, to learn to see you as a whole, to learn to see you as a being with a soul that contains within multitudes of the world. and not let you feel incapable of being silent when you would scream, repress when you could dream, be uncanny when you could seem like the madman in the deepest corners of the insanity cell of the most tartaric tartarus hell. Im sorry i hurt your trident It wont happen again i would never leave you yet i would never bear to see your pain is this what you hide under that smiling face a vision to haunt me for eternity again and again? yet to see you see that vision over and again, everytime you see me( or just be without me) , is not a delightful game, to me or to you, so ill ask you to consider, not seeing me again. id never never never tell you to abandon what you love but my little dove, you could take your own time to grow and to rhyme your own words, fly a little with your own birds, in your own world. I could never ask you yet im asking it to you. words which scare me, im blasting them to you. yet theres nothing stopping you, from comigmng back to me, after two or three years, or a millenia to be, when you could be happier with me, or just happier to be, with all that you love, being all for you to see Im sorry i hurt your trident it wont happen again oh i ever so doubt those words since belief in myself is vain yet i try to believe with all my will for you my love would never let me think that i do not matter for you my love would never let me shatter and for you to never shatter you have to be listening to me to tell to whishper all that you feel and yet i never hear you over my fear but id still tell to bear my ear with all that you feel because i cannot bear you to be in pains that i never feel. im sorry i hurt your trident it wont happen again are refrains that im begging from someone in vain, it is not you my dear, it is some force that i cannot see, it just wont dissapear. im sorry i hurt your trident it wont happen again i dont know how to fix what i can never sense for my 5 senses are limited to see what you are, my love, and all you are to be i could never imagine what could ail you breaking heart i would be lost insane collecting all the parts and miss the heart that is born of the breaking heart brimming with new love bursting with new art id be lost down below and never learn to love the new that is born and since you love too my eyes my love, from the new born your eyes would be torn and youd be lost with me, searching in oblivion, in the dark black hole, for light that never exists, in a dark black sea, where waves never exist. Im sorry hurt your trident it wont happen again and from this poem i beg you to tear your eyes from me and look at what in born what you are to look at what is born what hands it has and how many fingers there are to see see what it becomes and show me my love lend my your hands your legs your breath your kiss your ear your feet your breasts the lips of your leafs, lend me all that which your love will help you do and turn my eyes to see, the hand that was a wave and what it evolved into. I love you.

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