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Some people study philosophy. But what kind of professionals do philosophers become? They teach what they know, just like Socrates, the first philosopher of the occidental rational mind. Steven is the new Socrates. He takes philosophy to the next level with his greats story-telling and futurist-out-of-space experiences.

Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



Some people study philosophy. But what kind of professionals do philosophers become? They teach what they know, just like Socrates, the first philosopher of the occidental rational mind. But more than two thousands years later, I wonder what Socrates would say about the modern world. He would probably say it didn't change too much. Of course new technology is a big change, but people didn't change as much as the world surrounding them. They still think too much, and don't love enough.

And Steven, the Socrates of our time, had "Dreams" about the future of humanity. He was blessed with "Eagle Eyes". And had "A Wish for things that Work", cause most of "the things" in this world don't work at all. It usually works best for the "wrongdoing people", people breaking the rules. That's why corrupted persons and illegal activities (weapons, drugs, humans, and animal traffickings, money laundering, and others criminal activities) flourished all around the world. Steven accuse multinational banks to be "The Money Pit" of criminal activities. Making illegal money would be much harder if there was nowhere to hide it. But the financial and banking system lacks so much transparency that you get lost easily. And have no other choices to steal data for the good cause (WikiLeaks, Swiss Leaks, Football Leaks...). Sometimes you have to play "dirty" to stop criminal activities. If you never break the rules, you'll never catch any criminals.

"The Blues Brothers" "Used Cars" to escape from the police. Nowadays, criminals use new technology and the globalized financial system like "The Wolf of Wall Street". "The Blues Brothers" would be in heaven if they knew how many possibilities the world would offer them some 30 years later. Now criminals don't need "Jaws" like before, they just need to be a computer and new technology expert. "Back to the Future" was when "Young Sherlock Holmes" tried to stop the crime with no connections (internet connection). Now detectives have to do the same, but with connections. And that's a problem cause internet connection gives criminals an advantage over detectives. It's like detectives are always a step behind. If "Sherlock Holmes" was working nowaday he would struggle a lot more.

Steven has vision of the future. He wishes the humanity and the world to become someday an "Empire of the Sun". He thinks it has to happen, cause humanity cannot live forever in darkness. He once experienced "Close Encounters of the third kind". I mean, he met aliens. He met "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" and some "Gremlins". And at the time he was prevented to meet them again by "The Gonnies". The people from the Goon Dock -the place where Steven lived at the time- didn't want to have anything to do with Extra-Terrestrials and Gremlins. Steven proposed a "Duel" to solve the problem, as he would never renounce to what he believed in. I mean Extra-Terrestrials and Gremlins. But then, some "Men in Black" from the CIA took him to be interrogated about this matter. It was ridiculous they took this matter seriously. Steven talked to them about "Jurassic World" , "The Secret of the Unicorn" (Tintin), "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", and finally "The Legend of Zorro". The CIA agents got tired of so may stories and fell asleep. He was finally released and was again a "freeman", beside of being already a "freethinker." With the authorities, Steven always got away with a good story. In his country they like story-tellers, it entertains people. And in the case of Steven, buy him freedom.

When he was still a boy, he received "Letters from Iwo Jima" a pen-friend from Japan. But the CIA intercepted the letters and arrested him cause they thought they were "Letters from Hiroshima". At the time, The government tried to control the bad press about the atomic bombing of this Japanese city. And for some years, it was prohibited for citizens to receive letters from this particular city, to avoid negative propaganda about this awful "war crime" and "crime against humanity". By the way, Iwo Jima was not from Hiroshima, he was from Tokyo. But at the time, the CIA couldn't get a good Japanese translator, as most of them hated America for the atomic bombing. It was his first encounter with the CIA. And since, he told them hundreds and hundreds of stories. It works every time. It's the reason why they never sent him to jail. He is not a spy, just a story-teller.

How Steven sees the future of terrorism? Like a war between "Cowboys & Aliens". For Steven, terrorists will be defeated someday. Then humanity will begin to travel out of space and visit new planets. Then they'll have to face new enemies: Aliens coming from out of space. It's the Far West of the future. Instead of the "Cowboys & Indians" in the Far West (past), it will be "Cowboys & Aliens" in Outer Space (future). Steven has a lot of imagination. Not only is he the new Socrates, he is also the new Nostradamus. It is called "The Hundred-Foot Journey". It's a joke. While Steven walks a hundred foot, his mind travels a million year. That's why he is "Always" "Back in the Future".

Steven had a good friend called Oleg. He was living in Shanghai, but was born in Israel, and had Russian grandparents. This friend imagined a future dominated by rabbits. He wrote a piece of work called "Down the Rabbit Hole", and Steven found it very interesting. The king of the rabbits was called Roger. And Steven wanted to know "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". A "Roller Coaster Rabbit" of course. So, no more story-telling! I know you have enough of it.

"All of us every single year, we're a different person. I don't think we're the same person all our lives."

That makes very difficult to know Steven. Is he the new Socrates, the new Nostradamus, anyone else, or just "boring" Steven? We'll never know about it. I think he is just a chameleon, changing skin and personality every single year.

"I don't dream at night, I dream at day, I dream all day; I'm dreaming for living."

And this is the explanation of his hundreds and hundreds of stories. Night is too short, all day is needed to come up with so many stories. But it doesn't mean his life is "like a dream".

Sometimes he gets serious and that's when smart people listen to him.

"You never really know how good of a leader you are until there is something there is lead us to, toward or through or to overcome."

He means everyone can be a hero and a leader. All it takes is not having the choice. When you don't have the choice, you don't think twice. You just do it, otherwise it will be the end. For Steven circumstances make you a leader (hero). It's also a question of courage and bravery. But Steven didn't included the cowards when he made this statement.

"When you listen, you learn. You absorb like a sponge and your life becomes so much better than when you are just trying to be listened to all the time."

It's very ironic coming from a story-teller like Steven. But not so, as he listens to his own stories every time he tells one. Basically, he learns from himself. Do all the story-tellers do it? Probably not, but they should. That's the secret to be a good story-teller. And the CIA knows how good he is. This is the secret of his longevity. He's been around for ages. And will never die, as the true legend he became.

"So, goodnight Steven. We don't worry for your future. When it's time for you to leave us, Casper will keep telling us your timeless and marvelous stories."



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