The Minecraft Adventure (Chapter 5)

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Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



Zombie and David wake up. They take their things as well as some of the stuff that once belonged to the player. But before they left, David says that he could stay in the treehouse, since his home was destroyed. Zombie agrees, so he packs up his things with a few of useful stuff from the house and leaves. But he then sees a peculiar sight.

A patch of forest near the treehouse has been burned down. Luckily the trees surrounding the tree trunk of the house were far away from each other, or else he and David would have been trapped by fire and smoke.

Zombie climbs down and carefully investigates the missing area of trees. He saw that there were a few leaves and logs left, some of them floating in the air.

He then sees a sign placed after the trees were gone that read “Meet me at Water Cave.” He wondered what the sign was for, but then a creeper starts to ignite itself behind Zombie. He quickly stepped away before it exploded, causing him to lose half his health and drastically weaken his armor. The sign was also destroyed in the process, but Zombie can already remember what it said. He gets up and heads to the direction he thinks that would lead him home.

Zombie reaches his house, but sees another sign at the side of his door. It says “Water Cave is east of your house, Zombie754. Go there immediately.” He didn’t know what the important stuff was at Water Cave, but he thought it might be a trap. So he ignored the sign, but then a trail of diamonds appear at the side of his house. He is attracted to diamonds, as you have already known, they are the most valuable material, so Zombie follows the trail, picking up the diamonds one by one.

The trail seems to be very long. He wondered if a person would ever waste his diamonds just to set a trap on me. Then he reached the end of the trail. He picked up the last diamond and meant to head home, but just then the floor under him seemed to disappear, and Zombie fell into a very long hole. He fell and fell, until his fall was stopped by a very deep pool of water which saved his life. He surfaces up the water for breath, but feels scared. It would take him many hours to climb out of the hole, and by then griefers may have already destroyed his house and take all the stuff he had in the chests.

Until the water disappeared, layer by layer, until he was standing on bedrock. Then it suddenly became dark, but it didn’t last long because a torch appeared near Zombie. Then a blue glowing figure seemed to get closer to him, and slowly reveals that he is an invisible player, wearing enchanted diamond armor. The player says to Zombie “Sorry for scaring you, but i need you to save the world of Minecraft.”. Save the world of Minecraft? How can i save such a big world? He thought. “I know what you’re thinking, but you need to go into the real life world to save my game using a special portal. I would stop that threat there myself, but i am afraid that i am busy and have not much power against it.” Then the invisibility fades away, revealing a face familiar with the Minecraft community. Too familiar.

“Notch?” Zombie said. “Yes, it is i, the creator of Minecraft. I chose you for this because i saw that deep inside your feelings, i found that you are brave, strong, and trustworthy, but only when things seem bad.” Notch said. “The rest were either too scared or weak. As you have already known by now, i overwritten your code with the players’. I watched you to make sure that you can survive as well, and it turns out you can. So that’s why i led you here.” Zombie was astonished. “But what is the threat coming to Minecraft?” he asked. “It is a computer virus that is going to hijack all the things in the Mojang company that keep Minecraft steady, and destroy them.” Zombie was shocked. “And since i am weak and too old, i cannot easily stop the virus. Neither do the police, as it is well hidden. So that’s why i chose you. The fate of Minecraft now rests in your hands.” The torch disappears, and Zombie can’t see anything, until an opening was revealed. He came out of a cave near his house, but where was the equipment i needed? And then he saw a chest. He opened it, and it revealed powerful diamond armor, tools and weapons with enchantments that were impossible to get in the game without commands, many enchanted golden apples as well as regular food, and a tracking device. It seemed to only be able to find the portal when it is 35 metres near it, as it said on the side, and it wasn’t detecting anything right now. So this meant that Zombie has to travel around the world to try to find the portal.

Zombie went back to his house, but the tracking device also showed a timer. “25 Minecraft Days Left until End of Minecraft” it says. So he had 25 days, or 500 real life minutes to complete his mission, or else Minecraft was doomed.

He does not know if it was enough time, for it would take many travels and battles to find the portal. But he still needs all the help he could get, so he would make up his mind to ask David tomorrow to go with him, as the sun was setting down. Entering his house, he stores all the diamond tools, weapons and armor in a chest buried under the ground so that no one can find and steal his things.

The next day, he grabs his diamond gear and goes out in the direction of David’s new treehouse. Only a few creepers tried to chase him, and Zombie was able to defeat them easily. He reached the treehouse, climbed up the vines and called out “David! I need you to come with me. I have an important mission!” David replied “Not now, Zombie. I’m a bit busy. Why don’t you come inside and help me instead?” Zombie went into the house. He saw David, cooking what seemed to be many porkchops and 10 furnaces. He didn’t really want David to cook so many food, but it ought to be faster when more people do it, so he helped David. After that, they have a short chat.

Zombie: “My mission is to stop Minecraft from being destroyed by a computer virus. It’s very important.”

David: “Um, is something wrong with your head? I think someone brainwashed you.”

Zombie: “No, it’s real.” He shows him the tracking device.

David stares at the device, wide-eyed. “That, that’s impossible to get in vanilla Minecraft, nor is it ever heard of!”

Zombie: “Notch requested the mission and gave this to me, as well as all this diamond gear.” He puts on his new enchanted diamond armor.

David: “But why did he choose you?”

Zombie figured that he had to tell him the truth. “Well, you see, i’m not actually a player. I was a zombie replaced with player coding. Notch done this because deep inside i was brave, strong, trustworthy, but only when things are bad.”

David: “I won’t believe you if you hadn’t shown me the device, but right now i think it’s true. So that was why your name was entity_zombie#754!”

Zombie: “Um, David? We have a game world to save. Let’s not waste any more time.”

They both climb down the treehouse and choose a direction that would lead them to a tall mountain far off in the distance that holds strange secrets. Zombie gives the extra diamond armor, tools and weapons to David. He puts on the armor, and they both set off for their adventure, unaware of what will happen next, but already well prepared for it.

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