Your Bundle Of Joy

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A poem about the joys of becoming a parent for the first time the most exciting time of your life as far as i am concerned nothing comes close to holding a new born baby a miracle

Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



Your Bundle Of Joy



A darling newcomer
To have and to hold

There smiles are more precious
Than gold.

Now your life is expanding,
To make room for this treasure.

A new baby so cute and so cuddly.

Your life is filled with wonder,
The excitement that a new baby brings..

There's lots of things to do now

To keep baby safe and secure

Your lives are filled with amazing love,
And sleep has become a maybe.

But Your lives are better, now transformed
With childhood's pleasure.

You're a unique and wonderful treasure.
So, despite the work the lack of sleep

Enjoy this new life as it does not get any better

So spend lots of time with your little treasure.

Cause what else could bring you so much joy.
So have lots of fun with your little

Your Bundle of joy


By Simon Jones


© Copyright 2018 SLJONES. All rights reserved.

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