Until I Rise

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The long nights of wondering when it all was going to get better are over. Can't sit around and let my people gain what is at stake here.

Its hard to see the evil enslavement of men/women of all colors and nationalities, we fight for the worst reasns in history. We've given in to the lies we were fed by those before us taking the information they wrongfully receieved. The beatings, rapings, and classification based on income that not everybody is able to obtain. The liqour nd weed wasn't helpiing any situation get better just kept people in the same spots they were in the day before as if it was made to be a repeating cycle. Society is set up that way, but there's more than one way around that  thinking as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming glorious few that have remained strong through this fight against the evil ones. Ones who rape our women and kids, those that have killed our families and friends, those that have enslaved us in chains back then but now prisons.

Don't support those that flash around with money, jewlery, cars, and women as if thats the way to live because its really depressing. Feels like a hopeless journey to the top of a mountain that will only bring a thunderstorm at the top, no family or friends up there because of the sacrifices you have to make in order to see that level of "success"? Thats not living at all. People focus too much on religion, money, and advertisement rather than whats really important which is your spiritual connections to yourself and God. Who are we to walk around thinking this is the way stuff is supposed to be? As if just because we stand to suffer this long on Earth, whos to say the devil isn't already working on a way to opress us in other realms as well.

How? Well for starters we eat poison everyday, by poison i mean the foods that feed our greed, but not neccessarily our spirits. Prayer is the key to th start of a connection awaiting youer reply, then you can get access to a lot more unlocked potentials that you possess, live your life thinking no man can hurt you, throw your phone on the floor when you witness pointless stupidity, preach on common sense and positivity, educate them on the world around them as well. we can't be the only ones open minded to such savagery going on around us. I feel as if i've lived many lives in other shoes of different people aroumd the world. I can't help but feel the hate that man has developed for each other because of the messed up programming put in front of you and your children. But you know what i say "a bunch of riches can still have a expiration date if somebody heart aint good".

Submitted: January 10, 2017

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