Love Connections Live Eternally

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Personalities are interesting to comes across especially when you find the right one that seems to suite you better than any other could.

I think of the hard knock life i lived just as everyone else, but you came along and made my life worth living much more than i wanted to initally. The peace you brought ot my soul when i felt i needed someone who was realistic when it came to problems that would come about. One that would kiss me even when i wasn't hurt. One that would never sieze to amaze me with the most heartwarming things to say in moments of terror. One that held my hand through the laughs of embarressment because of my misfortunates of no inheritance.

I felt the true definition of beauty hit me when i first seen you on an oddly beautiful sunny day where at lunch time a beam of light made you glow from afar as i walked up in amazement as if it were God telling me you were really the one i needed rather than a want. The hard times made me afraid to ask for the things i needed, but somehow you always showed up with what i needed without me even opening my mouth. I can't say i was any better than any man living or had lived, but i knew i had a lot more to offer than any other man could when it came to you. The peaceful day however did turn into lonely filled nights, as if i had no place to go while stuck outside in the rain with no food to eat, or a person to talk to in my times of needs. It seems i failed you, and i failed myself for letting the wrong things get to me. I should've done this and that, but now a days theres no room for improvement as patience is a virtue that is constantly spent now.

I remember crying on the phone with you on the nights i to the most in order to gain back my confidence in myself. By you assuring we'd get through it all together no matter the type of obstacles being put in my face. You left me after a few weeks into college, recently lost a loved one, and moms left me for a check. I thought for so long that it was something wrong with me. So many days, and so many nights of worrying what the next step would be? I can't be here by myself with no love to receive and not a heart to lend. I reminded those who i talked to the most after the tribulation to listen to my cry for the one i loved to come back. Moving on is a man-made expression to keep people down, but the spirit knows what it needs. I just want to be together with you again. I tried to go out with others, but nothing worked. I couldn't get over the fact that i needed you to make my life a little more whole than what it was already. Can't blame you i would do the same if i seen me as i was in the days of a lost soul still learning, but it took for me to get it from the right ones in order for me to get my composure together.

Never know what could happen tomorrow or the next day. Each day I'd rather spend with you feeling just as secure as married couples from tribes of our great ancestors have done. Don't tell me its impossible love because thats surely not true. They can continue to laugh and prey on my pain, but they can't see that the golden apple of my tree is in my sight and i had it. Theres no replacing such a perfect connection you and I share. I love you. Don't leave me again, it was cold, dark, and lonely out there in that world ruled by demons. I can't wait until heaven to be with you because heaven is supposed to be here on Earth as it is up there, supposedly. Make this right, be honest as to the way we carry on. Why fight the needs and wants of..... nevermind I probably still sound pathetic as you always thought I was.

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