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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.

Table of Contents


A large metal crate slammed onto the sandy ground just past a lowered ramp of a large, box shaped ship as a tall, white, dark brown haire... Read Chapter


Captain Von’s ship lifted off as Gabriel (with a small back pack slung over his left shoulder and a sword and pistol hosted on his hols... Read Chapter


Knowna (in her human form) entered a coffee shop and looked around to see various people and aliens minding their own business as they ea... Read Chapter


Gabriel woke up with ease as he heard the sound of the shower and he looked about to see Knowna is not with him.  Gabriel smirked an... Read Chapter


A four story, rectangular office building connected to what appears to be a large warehouse sat in the middle of Savannah terrain valley ... Read Chapter


Knowna smirked and said, “Well, if it isn’t Major Kendrick.” Kendrick replied, “It’s Lt. Colonel Kendrick thanks to you.  ... Read Chapter


There was a distinct sound of gunfire from a gatling gun (when one of the towering machines fired on the Knowna Subjects) and adding with... Read Chapter


Knowna nodded awake and when she opened her eyes she saw Gabriel standing over her and smiling when he said, “Knowna, I am glad you are... Read Chapter


The next morning, Knowna (disguised as the military officer from the night before) adjusted her tie as Gabriel appeared behind her, weari... Read Chapter


It was dead silent as Knowna kept pointing Kendrick’s gun at Troka’s face, as he tried to keep a calm and cool demeanor, as he stared... Read Chapter


Outside the same apartment they left earlier, Gabriel landed on the balcony and set Knowna down as she stood back to catch her breath.&nb... Read Chapter


Later that night, at Goon Industries Headquarters, Kendrick walked inside and past the reception desk as a guard looked up, noticed Kendr... Read Chapter


“Bull crap!” They were all in a hotel room as Toads looked at Gabriel, shocked, as Knowna looked at him angrily and she said, “My t... Read Chapter


In an almost desert like landscape, there is a series of manufacturing plants and warehouses that are teaming with workers, forklifts and... Read Chapter


Gabriel flew low till they reached their destination and set Knowna down on a catwalk over open tanks with different colored liquids bubb... Read Chapter


Gabriel landed in an alleyway and both Knowna and Toads tried to catch their breath and while Knowna recovered quickly, Toads had to hold... Read Chapter


Gabriel woke up the next morning and heard the sound of multiple voices outside and when he looked at Knowna’s side of the bed he notic... Read Chapter


In the soldier’s uniforms and gear, Knowna and Gabriel walked down the hallway till the alarm went off and they quickly looked at each ... Read Chapter


Knowna groaned as she sat up in bed (with her blond hair tangled/standing up) still looking tired as she looked around when she heard the... Read Chapter


Behind a ten story, large hospital a large 18 wheeler pulled up behind the loading dock as a loader stood by with four heavily body armor... Read Chapter

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