"The Can"

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A young girl alone in the big city, Hollywood ...

Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 10, 2017






She slowly walks down,

The Darkest part of Santa Monica Blvd.

Kicking a flattened beer can,

Out in front of her,

10-feet at a time.

She keeps her head down,

As she lines up each shot,

As if every kick meant something.

A bunch of guys slowly drive past her,

Calling out 5-differant pick-up lines,

At the same time,

Hoping just one of them,

Will get her attention.

But she never even raises her head,

As her next kick sends the flattened can,

10 more feet out in front of her,

While staying in a perfectly straight line.

It's only been 3-months,

Since she moved here,

With her boyfriend and her dog.

Her dog has been missing,

For 2-weeks,

Her boyfriend,

For three.

She can feel the thumping,

From a car stereo,

Coming up behind her.

She recognizes the song,

And starts to smile.

In the car 2-teenage girls,

Are singing as loud as they can,

Destroying the best part of the song.

Getting caught up in the music,

Her next kick is a little wild,

And she smudges the side of her Vans,

On a piece of broken sidewalk.

Standing on one leg,

She slips her foot out of her sneaker,

To get a better look at the smudge.

Still one one leg,

She puts 2-fingers to her mouth,

And wets them,

Before rubbing out the stain.

Then she slips her foot back into,

Her black & white checkered sneaker,

And walks towards the flattened can.

Bending down she picks up the flattened can,

Hits the crosswalk button,

And waits for the light to change.

Then crossing over,

To the other side of the street,

Facing in the opposite direction,

She drops the flattened can,

Back on to the sidewalk.

Keeping her head down,

She begins to kick,

The flattened beer can,

Out in front of her,

10-feet at a time,

Down the Darkest part,

Of Santa Monica Blvd...


For my brother Lance...

Tom Allen... 06-16-2016



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