Lost Because

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This poem is a rally cry to save our youth! This is a wake up call to parents to step up and be accountable. Denial and playing the blame game is wasting time and wasting lives!

Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 10, 2017



Living in a lost generation


Nothing but excuses, no self-preservation


No accountability for a hopeless situation


Lost became the new normal without hesitation


Who’s going to apologize to our youth?


Who’s going to admit our truth?


Reality television has brainwashed our young women


Into believing whoring themselves is the best way to make a living


Rap music and smoking weed has contributed to the last of a dying breed


Our young men are being shot dead daily but still they won’t take heed


Looking good in your new car and sleeping on your mama’s couch


Shouldn’t be all that your young life is about


Mothers are in denial saying they aren’t to blame


How did you raise them right if you taught them about Jordan’s before you taught them to spell their name?


Young man was taught its ok to disrespect the father


Taught them to uphold mother not knowing someday that disrespect would lean towards her


Don’t cry now, your guilt and your shame won’t save him


He’s locked up, accept that he’s now one of them


Don’t think your little girl is any better


Just because you saw what the other girls were doing and you wouldn’t let her


She didn’t need to ask you for your permission to sneak behind your back


And she already knows about your secret past so be careful who you attack


You aren’t any better than the ones you didn’t want her around


And now she’s lost and can’t be found


How does it feel when the shoes of shame now fit your feet?


How does it feel knowing the past is no longer discreet?


How does it feel knowing you could have saved one?


But instead you chose to put down some


We can’t make a change


Until someone accepts the blame


Can’t do better until someone is willing to admit


They were lost before they came to be because our broken dreams paid for it


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