Keep your memories

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I wrote this a long time ago and it was said out at a funeral of someone close witch i was proud of at that time if you have seen it before on booksie it is on here on a old site of mine but i can not remember the email or pass word i used cause it was like 6 years ago so i am not copying someone else poem it is mine am sorry if its a bit over the place

Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 10, 2017



Keep Your Memories


May God light your way and bring you comfort.

May you find comfort in knowing that your loved one

Touched the hearts of so many others and gave them

Happy memories and although no words can help

To ease the loss, The love that shone through your loved one

will shine for eternity

As time gently eases your grief and beautiful memories

Restore the joy that was taken from your heart it will be

the little things you remember, the smiles,the laughter and the times

spent alone together,sharing the love you had between you both.

Your loved one is safe in god's care now and is waiting until you

are both in each other arms again

So let faith and hope into your heart and

Keep your memories near and dear


by Simon Jones

© Copyright 2018 SLJONES. All rights reserved.

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