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This story is a science fiction and fantasy, like a combination between Star Wars and 1984, symbolically (and in my personal opinion) anti-Facebook, anti-Instagram, anti-Amazon, and anti-everything else about the World Wide Web that causes economic and social harm. It transitions later into a Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy story.

Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 10, 2017



This story is a science fiction and fantasy, like a combination between Star Wars and 1984, symbolically (and in my personal opinion) anti-Facebook, anti-Instagram, anti-Amazon, and anti-everything else about the World Wide Web that causes economic and social harm.

The world the main character lives in is called Planet Zuck, a world full of mind control and cybercorruption. There are futuristic machines, sorta like what you would see in the Jetsons cartoons, that serve rich people with relationships, hot people, celebrities, etc, while the people that are not "hot," or non-famous, are living in poverty and homeless, and most of them steal from the "A-List" class, as this world calls it, and end up getting caught anyway. In this planet, there is no middle class at all. As a matter of fact, the world was pretty much fascist. Basically, all it really comes down to is, if we think you're hot and attractive, you're in; if you're ugly, go burn in hell. In this case, ugly could mean with a disability, smart enough to program a heavy line of code, or like stuff like heavy metal or 80's rock (the high class listen to that crappy pop you'd hear on the radio nowadays).

Everyone in the "A-List" class is always on the computer, too--posting pictures of themselves to gain popularity in excess. And in this world, there is a lot of anti-socialization, and one of the main issues is miscommunication. When someone messages someone else in certain wording, meaning one tone, the person on the other end thinks it's another tone, which is caused by lack of social cues, maybe that of attitude, and it starts a cyber-argument.

There's one thing everyone has in common--they are being spied on by the planet's government, The Jennie. No one is private, and no one in the A-List class knows about this spying. But most of the poverty-level citizens of Planet Zuck know about this spying, through criminally leaked information, by the main character, whose codename is Radcliffe Rock. (He doesn't even know his real name.)

Radcliffe Rock is basically a vigilante to the government, similar to Batman and Deadpool from DC and Marvel Comics. He gained his skills from a master ninja at age 12, twelve years before the whole fascist takeover. This ninja was his father, whom he had a great relationship with. One day, tragedy struck when his father got shot trying to rescue a little girl from being molested (the little girl is supposed to be Princess Laura, as revealed later in the story before she gets killed. She was taken to Planet Grogan as a refuge by her mother.) As revenge, Radcliffe used his late father's skills to bring justice for both the little girl and his father. But as far as it went with the exposing of information, no one had the skills but him.

For years the citizens gathered at Radcliffe's house, which is located near a pub on the shadowy side of a Vegas-like casino, known as the Roberge. It is the only place where the camera to spy on anyone is broken, and no one from the Jennie bothered to fix it because rumors of this pub were going around that there were deadly deseases in the beer, which is not the case. As a matter of fact, the rumor was spread quickly just to distract the Jennie (and any other high-class workforce spy associated with them) from installing a new camera, which had to be done before the very first gathering.

After a few more years, Radcliffe finally gets caught and sent to the Draeger, the Planet Zuck equivalent to a concentration camp. After seven unsuccessful attempts to escape, a successful eighth is made by Radcliffe and other prisoners of the Draeger (seven of them, actually--Mick, Gerry, Aaron, Marshall, Maynard, Corey and Andrew, all of which are other "ninjas" like Radcliffe with a similar background, minus the dead father), and they head to a fancy ship owned by The Jennie. It takes 30 book pages' worth of action to escape the Jennie's clutch, and then they steer for outer space. As they are in outer space, they start getting tired and hungry, and begin arguing for food until they spot another planet, Planet Grogan, and land their ship on it.

Planet Grogan is basically the complete opposite of Planet Zuck--peaceful forests, lots of edible wild vegetables, and an elven-like colony and kingdom, only run by humans instead of elves (this is to differentiate from other fantasies like The Lord of the Rings). Within a day or two of landing, they run into Princess Laura, the daughter of Queen Melissa. She is very beautiful and attractive (everyone, especially Marshall, but except for Radcliffe, were obsessing over her huge cleavage, and many times Radcliffe had to make them snap out of it.) While they were in her castle, they explain the brutality of Planet Zuck, as well as their misuse and abuse of technology for spying on private affairs.

During the explanation of Zuck, Laura remembers Radcliffe's father saving her from being violated (and his death caused by it), which explains the romantic relationship they grow.
After a few days, there was a loud BANG coming from outside the castle, and Aaron, who is the only one with the guts to step outside to see what's going on,  spots a swarm of spaceships invading Planet Grogan, and pretty soon nearly everyone on this planet is doomed: The Jennie tear apart the forests, enslave the kingdom's citizens, and (this is to surprise everyone expecting a love scene between Radcliffe and Laura) brutally kill Laura. And now that the planet is enslaved, within days war breaks out on the planet.

According to an analysis on the ship made by Corey, it turns out that the Jennie had given the ship that Radcliffe stole a tracking device, just to see where the ship was heading. They purposely waited until a few days after landing on Planet Grogan so their attack can be unexpected.

If I recall, there is no technology on Planet Grogan at all. Instead, there is magic, like that of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings combined, only they don't use words to cast them. So in other words, it's Star Wars tech vs. magic staffs and spells, but they equally match in battle. And Planet Grogan has swords and other medieval weaponry, which did not have effect unfortunately.

Now, I have not finished the story, because I am still in the process of developing it, so when you read it, PLEASE ask constructive questions for more details about the plot so I can provide answers as well as build it up. Thank you.

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