New School

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When you start in a new place everything is thrown off balance.

Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 10, 2017



Everything’s different,

The lights are too bright

The laughter to loud

The days to long


Everything's new,

The halls I walk

The faces I see

The games I play


Everything's too much,

Faking the wide smiles

Putting one foot ahead of another

Trying not to drown in things I have not learnt


At the same time,

Everything is dull

Everything is old

Everything is lackluster


And nothing is familiar


Everything holds weight,

Trying to fit in

Trying to make friends

Trying to keep up


Everything becomes hard,

Concentrating on what is said

Going up and down the stairs

Just remembering to breath in and out


Everything starts to blur,

The conversations,

The classes,

The weeks.


And all at once,

Everything is unbearable

Everything is breaking

Everything is sinking


And nothing is floating,


I am drowning,


In the difference,

In the new,

In the overload,

In the dullness,

In the oldness,

In the lacklusterness,

In nothing familiar,


I am drowning


In the heaviness

In the hardness

In the blurriness

In the underableness,

In the fragileness,

In the sinking

In nothing floating


I am drowning,

I wish I knew how to swim


© Copyright 2018 Jacob Ian Allen. All rights reserved.

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