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Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 10, 2017



Civilization is defined by art and literature to some extent. Beauty of the mind is found in poetry and imagination. Theater plays and movie industry wouldn't be as rich as it is without the talent of the screenwriter, writing the script and plot. The universe of the mind has no limit, and it is what makes us humans by opposition to animals. The world of ideas and poetry was born with the ancient Greeks, and has been refined and expanded till today.

Orlando is a very promising young writer. He is fresh and wants to change the world as the dreamer and idealist he is. If humanity lived in a "Kingdom of Heaven", every men and women would be "Romeo & Juliet". Dying for love would be the only way to die. And living in heaven would be like being above the "Everest", and "A Climb for Peace". "A Claim for Peace" as well. But with mass killing like "The Armenian Genocide" denied by the Turkish government, humans killed with no reasons. This world is definitely not a "Haven" for peace lovers like Orlando. It's a world full of "Lord of the Rings", craving for power and prestige. And full of "Pirates of the Caribbean", craving for gold and blood.

As a kid he was called "The Calcium Kid" for suffering from calcium deficiency. Orlando had health problems early on. Hopefully, "The Good Doctor" "Ned Kelly" took care of him. And he turned into a healthy young man despite a false start. He had a "Wilde" mind full of romantic ideas and poetry. He just wanted to be free and free people's mind.

Orlando was raised in "Elizabethtown". His family used to live on the "Main Street". Once he accidentally left the door "Unlocked" behind him as he was leaving for school. When he came back "The Bling Ring" of her mother had been stolen. His father was a bit of a racist and accused the "Zulu" living three block away to be the thief. But then he realized he had forgotten the key on his desk. And as he was the last to leave home this morning, it was all his fault. As a punishment he had to spend the whole weekend "Digging for Fire" in the garden. In reality, he had to dig holes and fill them with dirt the whole weekend. It was silly, but he was not allowed to complain about his parents punishments. Obviously, his parents where not writers. They had no interest in poetry, and had very limited imagination. For Orlando "Digging for Fire" was more fun than digging these "stupid" holes. As a kid he already had the ability to make a punishment sound poetic.

For Orlando life is about "Love and Other Disasters". In a perfect world it would be only about love. But with human being it always end up in disaster. Orlando had his share of broken relationships. Tired of breakups, he decided to hang up with his two best friends. There were "The Three Musketeers", and never broke up their relationship.

Every time he failed to win a writing contest he said to himself.

"Whatever happens in life is fine - just trust in that."

Until he finally won a writing contest, and just forgot about the first part of his autosuggestion.

Every time a girlfriend broke up with him he said to himself.

"People come into your life and people leave it... you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you."

Until he finally got married, and just forgot about the first part of his autosuggestion.

Every time his short success was followed by a fall he said to himself.

"I know you can be up one minute and drop the next, so I'm trying to maintain a steady course so I can have some longevity."

Until he finally maintained success over a long period of time, and just forgot about the first part of his autosuggestion.

Every time he talked about world peace was followed by a world tragedy.

"If life isn't about human beings and living in harmony, then I don't know what it's about."

Until he realized life is a Shakespearean tragedy, and just forgot about the first part of his autosuggestion.

Basically life is about love and harmony. But human beings messed so much with life that at the end one don't know what it's about anymore.

"Titus Andronicus, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Troilus and Cressida, Othello, King Lear, MacBeth, Timon of Athens, Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus, The Tempest."

These are all the tragedies of Orlando's model and source of inspiration, the greatest writer of his time, William Shakespeare.

"So, goodnight Orlando. Life is a tragedy because humanity chose it. Not because Shakespeare wrote it."


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