An Hour Could Last a Lifetime

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Johnathan was a simple man, he didn’t seem to feel the same way as others, nor think-nor act the same. Quite frankly… The man, the tall six-foot, mildly attractive, bark-brown haired, greyish-blue eyed man was all but what society deemed normal. Some may have called him anti-social, and although true; he didn’t think he was anti-social, he just preferred his own company or that of his three friends. The small group of friends he had. Johnathan worked a nine-to-five job, but never really worked ’til five, instead he finished an hour, two hours, three hours early and just left. His boss couldn’t care less, so long as you did your job and kept making him money he was fine with it.

Submitted: January 11, 2017

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Submitted: January 11, 2017



Johnathan was a simple man, he didn’t seem to feel the same way as others, nor think-nor act the same. Quite frankly… The man, the tall six-foot, mildly attractive, bark-brown haired, greyish-blue eyed man was all but what society deemed normal. Some may have called him anti-social, and although true; he didn’t think he was anti-social, he just preferred his own company or that of his three friends. The small group of friends he had. Johnathan worked a nine-to-five job, but never really worked ’til five, instead he finished an hour, two hours, three hours early and just left. His boss couldn’t care less, so long as you did your job and kept making him money he was fine with it.

Its 3:15 pm. Johnathan has looked up from his phone and his headphones slipped out of his ears. An average sized woman however slightly on the shorter side walks up-to Johnathan; Her name is Chloe, they barely spoke but he had agreed to meet up with her as they were acquaintances- how could he simply refuse her? She’s the same girl he’s always admired, adored and simply watched from afar. He didn’t think he could ever speak to her, I mean.. have you seen how he acts? He can barely muster the courage to argue against others, or fight back against bullies. Chloe had long hazelnut locks with blond streaks, her eyes were parted perfectly on her canvas of a face, eyes a crisp, melting, chocolate-brown, her face wore the expression of the stressed yet calm. If you stared at her long enough you could probably tell her story, a girl who use to party, not too much- but enough to cause herself to fall back in her studies. Her boyfriend was a dick. His name was Richard but he was an egotistic, narcissistic, absurdly asinine, conceited man. Johnathan hated him. He’d blame Chloe for a lot of things, his failing career, his failing studies, his low-income job, he was a projector of emotions and hate, he was barely even a functioning human but much more than Johnathan could have hoped to be.

Its 3:17 pm. Neither of the two has spoken yet, she stands before Johnathan, twiddling her thumbs. Her glossy red lips part as if to speak but the words are busy dancing around, doing the conga around in her head. The silence is broken. Not by Johnathan, god no- if he broke the silence he would make a fool of himself. Instead the silence was broken when the steam-train tooted a loud toot before departing in a cloud of smog and dust. Johnathan just missed his train home… Well that’s too bad. Chloe stares up at Johnathan, he’s so obviously nervous, maybe it’s the twitching of his fingers and the shifting of his eyes across the trainstation they stand in, maybe its the obscene and unintentional muttering, words such as “Don’t say something stupid” crawl out of his lips, as if they’ve grown arms and legs and found their way from that room in his head, down his spinal cord and through the tissue of his body, to the throat where they kick up dust and try to escape, other words and letters begin to dust away and clean up the unused machine.

Its 3:25 pm, Johnathan begins to speak, he doesn’t know what to say and doesn’t know how Chloe would react but he speaks alright; “Hi… C-Ch…loe.. it’s been a while” he says, his face red with embarrassment, a ripe tomato for a forehead as a small bead of sweat forms and slides down to his chin before leaping off of the bumbling moron’s body. Chloe lets out a soft sigh, barely audible but its heard- she was so clearly relieved She smiles, that same smile that Johnathan fell for, loved to see and lost; her eyes are different however, they weren’t the dream filled, wonderlust, excited, happy, dreamer’s eyes he had seen, these were filled with regret, a loss of ambition and a general sense of resentment for the world, if these eyes hadn’t a face to go with them they could represent the all-encompassing disgust the people of the world feels, congested into one symbol or representation. Taking note of this he continues, the unused voice box polished and the lump in his throat eradicated as he began to speak, he wouldn’t speak to people he didn’t formally know. He would try his hardest to avoid them types of confrontations whether that meant leaping from a bridge or diving in front of a car; if there’s anything he despised, it was these confrontations but ‘alas, he has no choice but to speak so he does. He speaks as much as he can, mustering all the strength he can to speak.
“How umm… how are you..?” he murmurs, trying not to seem to shy, anxious, scared and perplexed, all of which he feels. His words are met with the same smile painted across her face as she replies in a humble and soft tone
“I’m okay I guess.. I could have been better, I mean.. I used to be better but.. I’m not too bad off. I haven’t spoken to you since that one time Tristan had bullied you for looking at me” The shift was almost instantaneous, her eyes were that of a beast for a brief moment and her face, the moment that name rolled off her tongue she took the form of an angered lioness, this look lingered for a split second. Only someone as absent minded and perceptive as Johnathan could have seen it, he knew where he should stand and how he should tread carefully on his words and topic choices.

The conversation went smoothly, some stuttering and murmurs however it went quite nicely, the scared and nervous Johnathan was finally doing it, he was speaking to the girl he had harbored feelings for that stagnated over many years and was happy enough with small talk alone, 3:35 pm. They both laughed and smiled as they spoke of the past, certain topics flown straight past by Johnathan so to not anger or sadden her one such topic being her relationship. However Johnathan wasn’t a patient one, he grew impatient as his mind jumped to the question, he had tried to hide his interest in what had become of Tristan, the thought of them not being together brought the idea that he could have a chance to be with his dream girl, his mind was a battlefield between releasing the sentence and locking it away, Chloe smiled, a radiant smile, her eyes had changed- it was surely due to the clumsy replies and unorganized questions Johnathan sent her way, it put her at ease knowing there was someone who was so careless and absent-minded, he was always intently listening to her words and she loved that he seemed so interested about every little thing she said. What she liked, what she ate that morning, the day before, and the day before, how her job was going, what she did after sch-

No. That question wasn’t one she had wanted to hear, not for some time. Reminding Chloe of the past, that linked her to that guy, she stared at him, holding back her emotions which went from anger to sadness, her gentle eyes welling up with tears, the glazed surface of her eyes, building a layer, a wall of emotion, a temporary one which was unstable at the base, and began to fall like a badly built skyscraper, her eyes began to drip, slowly and although not noticeable like the first signs of a storm, they began to rain, flow tears, her eyes dripping shot-like streams as she tried to stay silent. She stared at him through her blurry river eyes, he stared back and softly brought his hand close to her face, she flinched and moved back slightly expecting to be slapped, punched, pushed or hurt, instead his gentle thumb brushed up against the underside of her bottom lid, red from the streaks, he brushed away the ocean as he stared at her, smiling. “It’s… fine… Ya-ou.. You don’t need to.. tell me anything” he said, humbly tripping over his words and trying his best to be confident and understand her situation. He was a gentle giant in this instance and her only source of comfort, of escapism, he looked like a mumbling buffoon before the world’s only princess. She smiled as she softly took his hand, her voice was somewhat shaky but she spoke fluidly.
“He… He used to get angry.. a lot. For little things such as me not calling him every waking moment.. I guess you could say he was way too attached. We argued a lot after I moved in with him about little things like where I was during lunch at work.. Who I was hanging out with and so on… One time it became unbearable and I snapped, shouting at him, he shouted back and then I eventually slapped him.. He hit me back… That’s when I ran away, leaving all my things behind and left.. I’ve moved into an apartment close to here and I’ve been working a full time job in order to work that money lost back” She says, Johnathan was angered but saddened at the same time, he spoke brave words for a useless coward.
“If I ever see him again.. I.. I’ll beat him half to death!” He said, words met with a giggle as she continued
“Uhmm, either way- Let’s get off this topic” she murmured, her small hand still holding onto his as she moves his hand down, playing with his fingers “Can we.. go into that cafe? Its one of my favorites and the people there like me so I get some freebies” Her hands were warm. He liked the warmth from her hands, her eyes changed seemingly joy-filled and for some reason her ambition and hope returned.

Its 3:50, both figures walked into the cafe, close and hands almost touching however neither of the two attempt to hold hands, Johnathan has a goofy smile across his face, you see- for him this was his first ever date, he was excited, exasperated, happy but had an underlying feeling of doubt and was perplexed at the core. Why? Why out of all the people she could have contacted, called out, looked towards did she decide to call the most clumsy, confused, socially awkward guy? She couldn’t possibly have feelings for a hopeless guy like him. These thoughts repeating in his head as she asks for a table, her words blocked out as he stands with a blank slate, blank expression before he’s tugged back to reality as she drags him while laughing
“I just said let’s go sit down! Jeez Johnathan, you’re so unusual and weird” she said as he began to walk, his mouth forming a small “o” as she dragged him to the table, he sat down opposite to her and she stared at him briefly, her sultry expression mixed with a fitting tone visible to the flustered man. He looked away and by the time his gaze returned to her she had that normal look of joy and happiness, the waitress came quick, being friends with her, her name tag read “Tanya” and when she saw the two, she gave a sly smirk towards Chloe, raising her eyebrow and bending over to whisper into her ear
“So, you’ve managed to pull a guy eh? Well played- should I spice up your drinks or something?” this was met with a blurted laugh and a shake of her head, Johnathan stared at the two, he couldn’t read the situation and hadn’t the smallest scope of their conversation, Tanya continues “Say.. He’s cute, he has to be your date, if not I’ll call dibs on him” she says in a teasing tone before pulling back and smiling at Johnathan “I’ll get you two something on the house!” He gives a standard nod as he stares at her, not knowing how exactly to reply, Chloe laughs nervously as Tanya walks off, whistling as she does so. “That was.. Uhmm.. Awkward I guess..” She says, her lips glisten with her speech, moving in an almost rhythmic way, Johnathan’s weary eyes watching them as he nods and shifts his eyes back up to her face and smiles
“Yeah. I guess so.” he murmurs at an audible level just for her, this good for nothing man was good for something, he was good for her, his concentration remained on her alone, the eyes that radiated infatuation was pungent at the very least, she loved the smell, his whole existence made her forget her mediocre job, severed-relations and loss of love, a small smile, one of contentment curled across her gentle, painted lips, her eyes meeting his as she leaned towards him.
“I- I almost forgot!” She exclaims, but continues “I haven’t even asked you how you’ve been” He stares at her and rubs his head
“I’m great, I have a nice job, a pet hamster, a few friends that I hang out with, however we don’t drink. My hamster’s name is Harold! I’ve had him since he was born, my friend used to work in a pet store and bought him for me as a gift, Harold is the best pet a person could have! He can do such cool things like, drink all his water at once, or-or he could do these really complex mazes like the ones Thorndike had used in his experiments! He’s the best!” He says, all enthusiastically and she lets out a giggle, not one of mockery and more that she’s amazed, he had never spoken close to this much to her or at all, his cheeks reddened as she laughed, embarrassment flooding his cheeks and she finally exhales as she speaks now
“You have to let me meet the little guy, he sounds pretty nice. I’m sure I’d like him” She says, that same cute, contained smile atop her lips. Its 4:00 pm.

Tanya returns, carrying a single milkshake with two straws, it’s a vanilla milkshake, chocolate sticks pushed through it and the top decorated with a swirled layer of cream, the glass is cold to the touch and congealed at the bottom of the glass is a wad of syrup, she smiles as she places it in the middle of the table and leaves without a word, giving neither of the two a chance to order anything, Chloe’s eyes are plastered to the straws, Johnathan’s, the treat in-front of him. Their eyes are fixed to the two articles of interest, neither twitches, blinks or even moves until out of nowhere, that moron opens his mouth and speaks “I’ve liked you for some time now.. I just remembered that” he says before he leans in, as does she and takes his straw, beginning to partake, ironically they both do, at the same time, both sipping slowly from their straws, neither of them talking, both suckling on the straws, not moving back for a breather, nor stopping to breathe, just drinking. They eventually finish the shake in one gulp and they both retract their bodies, Chloe stares down as her lips part to speak, after she pats them with her napkin.

“It’s 4:15.. I should.. be making my home now.. It’s umm.. been great you know.. Let’s do this again some time”

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