Saving Greece: A WWll Book

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Fictional book about Greece in WWll. Bob Meincke, Anny Lou and Christi identities revealed later.

Submitted: January 11, 2017

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Submitted: January 11, 2017



First III chapters

Chapter I


I hate it here. We moved to Greece about a seven years ago, and I've hated every minute of it. Everyone talks weird, and the food is disgusting!  just wish I was at home. I used to live in New York with my friends, but my dad moved here because his company moved him over here. I've been telling to find a new job, but he just won't listen. It's just my dad and me, because my mom died in childbirth. I always kind of feel like she’s watching over me, protecting me though. New York was a tough place to live, but it felt like home to me.


My best friend Zach and I used to always explore The Big City together, sometimes getting into trouble. I remember the biggest fight I ever got into. It was two years before the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor, bringing America into the war. We were looking around, about to go explore at the beach. We walk past the alley on Nostrand Avenue when we got pulled into it. I've been mugged before but never like that. Looking up, I realized who they were. It was Randy Mclouphan. He used to go to my school before he got expelled. He has always kind of hated me. Anyway he wanted my money so I told him I had none. He grabbed my shirt so I took a swing. It hit him square on the jaw, He looked at me with so much anger I thought he would explode. We got into a full on fistfight, but then some of his goons came in. Zach jumped in, holding off somegoons. I got away from Randy and got onto a trash can jumping onto him. He immediately fell back while I stuck my arm out to protect my back. Bad idea.


I broke my forearm so bad that the bone was poking out. We ran away, and I hobbled through the front door of our apartment. A trip to the ER quickly stopped me from going too far from the house. Anyway, here in Sparta, there is nothing like that. It’s so peaceful and nice and beautiful. I hate it. I just want to go back to Brooklyn.


Chapter II


We got to Greece in about December 1940, about 4 and a half months before the nazies invaded Greece. It was very rocky and hilly because of the ancient acropolis. It has a lot of ruins of temples and buildings leftover from ancient greece. One day I was walking down the street, and I saw a market. On a sign it said fresh Falafel. Ok, I had never tried it so i went into the market. My father pretty much gives me money whenever I want something. I went in and got some, and cooked it at home . Its this weird ball of green stuff thats fried. Its apparently made of ground up chickpeas, which I usually like. But the falafel was disgusting. Even my dad didn’t like it. This proves how awful Greece was.



 Chapter 111


I was bored. So went to go climb some boulders over near a park. I grabbed hold of one when It slipped loose and fell. I landed hard on the ground knocking the wind out of me. Looking over where the rock was i realized it fell because there was a journal shoved underneath it, partially sticking out. I pulled on it, but it was really wedged in. Finally. I put all my weight on it leaning back. Again i landed on the ground, but this time the journal was in my hands. Wiping the dust of i realized that it had that the Nazi swastika was on the cover flipping through it, i realized i could translate it to english. I spent all day doing it. Here's the first page:


Soldiers Log 01

Time: 17:38

Bob Meincke


Adolf says we are going to invade Greece on 4/30/42

But all I want to do is go home to my wife, Anny Lou and my daughter, Christi. So I am writing this to help anyone in Greece who is reading this. The way to save Greece is very simple. The only thing that keeps nazis out of the city is by destroying the levees, flooding the river and keeping the nazis out. First, I have planted an S-mine in a cave south of the park. You should be able to pry off the siding covered in it. Plant the mine right next to the levees before the nazis invade and flood the riverbank. If you don't, Adolf said he will kill every kid, man and woman in the gas chambers.




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