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About a young dancer.

Submitted: January 11, 2017

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Submitted: January 11, 2017






It took half an hour to come the little sewing workshop from the city centre, there were working just three women. Dani ordered them every costumes, because they was doing exactly this what she wanted and with the high quality. Manager Dani was the best friend for them and that is why she did not pay them in advance. When she entered the sewing workshop she warmly saluted to them.

Manager Dani - Hello girls!

They also saluted warmly but did not stop sewing, she came to the one dressmaker, just she was making Aila's costumes.

Dressmaker - FInally, my costumes will be on the big stage.

Dani smiled and said with a happy face.

Manager Dani - After long time, now I can sleep calmly.

She breathed deeply and put the sketches on the table.

Manager Dani - Now you have to sew Nicholas's costumes, too.

Do you want one week for it?

Dressmaker - From today you will not give me rest, is not it? Do you see all of this?

I have to give it in the three days, how I can do it in one week?

Nana also is a good dressmaker, she has a gold hand, gold.

Momentarily shouted Nana.

Nana - Do not come to me, I have my work.

Manager Dani - OK! As I see no one wants the tickets of the Gala concert,

alright, then what I can to do?

Aila's dressmaker put the sketches faster in the drawer, Dani laughed at her reaction and kissed her.

Manager Dani - You have to do it in one week.

The dressmaker dissatisfiedly shook the head , but Dani was looking at her with a smiling face to how she was working.





It was midnight but the voice of the music was still coming out from the dance hall, they were making the new show for the concert, they were dancing and the same time were changing colors by the remote controller and when the rhythm of the music was changing, the lasers was opening and moving around them. Then dancers was changing places and continuing to dance. Their music was containing every genre. The music finished, but Aila signed them to start one more time. After half an hour they finished, only Aila and Nicholas stayed at the dance hall, She was putting her things in the bag and Nicholas was sitting at the computer table and was looking at Aila.

Nicholas - What do you think about go to one week somewhere after the concert?!

Aila - It would be good. We could relax with the whole group.

He became angry with Aila, and took the hall's keys.

Nicholas - Are you going?




Sophie - Honestly, I think that we will make a lot of mistakes.

Nellie - knock the bench!

A few dancers with Nellie knocked together on the bench, Betty laughed and shook her head.

Sophie - Imagine it, the multitude spectators, journalists, cameras,

on the live air and suddenly someone from us falling,

or the lasers spoiling, or the lights. I am scared because of it.

Betty - Stop talking about stupid things, it will be better if you come at the rehearsal on time.

Sophie - WAAAA, a girl says who always comes late.

Boys were laughing at the girls arguing and soon the bus came, just Betty and two dancers got in the bus and the station stayed Nellie and Owen.

Nellie - I want to sleep!

Owen - And I want to eat.

They were reclining tired on the bus station's glass wall and waiting for another number of the bus.


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