The Attic

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When you hear noises in the attic, don't explore...

Submitted: January 11, 2017

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Submitted: January 11, 2017



'The Attic'- Part 1

"I have heard that if you stand in the centre of the Attic and shout hello thirteen times, you never leave this house the same- if at all".

"Well i have heard that that's complete bullshit and the only sound you hear after stupidly saying hello thirteen times is exactly the same sound as you heard before- silence".

"Well, we will soon know the truth about this myth"-

"And that's exactly what it is, a myth", interrupted Dean.

Dean and Seth were sauntering up to number thirteen, a place they had heard horrific things about, yet they still fearlessly trudged up the abandoned steps.

The moon shone down on the house, lighting up the dust particals that floated outside the crooked front door like spirits daring the children to walk in.

Upon reaching the front door, which was covered in spiders webs, especially around the handle, Dean gave the door a gentle push, half expecting it to open and half not. The door did not budge. Dean pushed harder this time, yet the door remained stationary.

"We are going to have to push together Dean exclaimed, turning around to see Seth wide-eyed staring up at the window. "What?" asked Dean, although he wouldn't wait for an answer and was already stepping back from the door to get a better view of the upstairs window. There was nothing there, and Seth had now returned to his normal self.

"What was you looking at?" asked Dean expecting an answer from Seth who only stuttered a "n-n-nothing" back.

Dean and Seth both pushed together on the door which refused to give way, almost as if warning the children to turn around and leave before something happened.

"We are going to have to go round the back and find a window" stated Dean to which Seth wearily replied "I think we should just go home now".

Dean refused to give in and wanted a way into the house leaving Seth and making his way round to the back of the house. Seth reluctantly followed.

The back of the house was no different to the front, with dust and dirt finding itself in every nook and cranny possible. To the boys surprise, the back door was wide open...

Upon stepping into what seemed like a kitchen but was impossible to tell, the stench of the house hit the two boys like a swarm of flies. A chair was placed oddly on the table and to the horror of Dean and Seth, they saw a hand mark on the handles of the chair- someone else had got there before them.

If there was any doubt that someone else was in the house, then what happened next completely erased it. A loud bang could be heard upstairs, followed by the falling of dust from the ceiling. Dean wanted to explore to the terror of Seth who had decided enough was enough. However, when he turned around, the back door was shut and padlocked. Seth and Dean were trapped...

Okay Guys let me know if you want a part two!!!!!!!!

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The Attic

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