The Blood King's Reign

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A little Kingdom no one bothered with. The princess who got dirty to help people farm. Then they came. Everyone Gone...Dead. Princess Linia now is a prisoner of war. Roaming in her prison looking for hope to salvage what remains of her past...of her country. Will she be able to make it in time before the last drop of hope slips? Will the Blood King release her from her misery?

Will there be a chance before Everything is lost?

"You wretch!! How dare you kill my guard"

I held up the sword at neck point.

"I'm not a baby anymore, I will fight back and free my kingdom from his dark chains."

"The king!! He will get you for this!! He will kill all of you. None of you will leave alive."

"Not before I kill his bloody head!!"

Slicing, the man fell, gurgling blood out of his mouth as the little girls cheered and then all hushed into silence. I whirled around as A tapping sound came from behind.

" Really now my Dear? Will you even be able to scratch me?"

He laughed his cold sinister laugh, and shivers when down my back.

Do I even have a chance?

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Submitted: January 11, 2017

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