into the abyss

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Into the abyss intro

Submitted: January 12, 2017

If I ever wanted something in my life I always found that I brought forth everything I had in my body to do exactly what needed to do to get it. From the first time that I realized I worked hard enough towards whatever I wanted it always seemed to end up sitting in my lap just as I thought it would over time and long placed effort. But when things starting to derail, I realized I could no longer control what I wanted and needed out of life every day I found myself needing more and more. I grabbed whatever I could that was placed in front of me and used whatever advantage it gave me. I ended up climbing to the top and it took everything out of my soul. Everything that I once was and believed was sucked out of my flesh. I became a piece of flesh without a spirit guiding it. My mind began to withier a way and my passion and emotions began decompose from my energy inside me. My mind filled with black and my heart with a chill as if it was frozen. Nothing in life I believed my mentors told do would be the right path out for me mattered anymore. Instead I took in whatever profited me and did not care about the well beings of others. I found over time this heaved my pockets and gave resurrection to my social life. I felt as if I was part of a higher class, a special club, and a members only type of arrangement. But in the they end, it corrupt me, it changed me, it burned me, it absorbed my soul and molded flesh into something like a soul hungry demon. It sent me to the deepest darkest parts that could never be found by those who were not damned. It sent me into the abyss. Read Chapter