A Is For Alphabet!

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From the new, alternative dictionary!

Submitted: January 12, 2017

A A A | A A A

Submitted: January 12, 2017



A is for alphabet--as in many swear words

B is for balls--as in punched in

C is for concerned--as in for our future

D is for dire--as in our situation

E is for education--as in what has obviously failed him

F is for future--as in I'll bet that's not the word you thought it would be!

G is for great--as in we're royally f'ed

H is for house--as in white, as in see 'G'

I is for IQ--which for him, is single digits

I is also for impeached--as in two weeks?

J is for jarring--which is his election

K is for kalamity--which is spelled wrong, but is the way he might spell it

L is for lousy--as in 'how do you expect the next four years to be?'

M is for mutant--as in that would describe him in one word

N is for narcissist--as in, well two descriptive words then

O is for oops!--as in self-explanatory

P is for pissed--which describes the mood of thinking people, everywhere

Q is for quickly--which we're going to figure out our horrible mistake

R is for really?--which I'm sure many people are asking themselves

S stands for sexual--as in the terms he sees everything

T is for ticking--as in what this fricking bomb is doing, quickly

U is for unreal--as in this whole thing seems so

V is for Vagina--as in what all women are to him

X is for not much--as in 3 and you're out!

Y is for yikes--as in what have we done?

Z is for zeppelin--which America's the Hindenburg

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