Super Cabaret Dancer

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Dancing is an art form, and it is as respectable as any other art forms. But sometimes art can be very controversial, as it might show the darker side of human mind. Dancing can be very sensual and erotic as it uses the human body as an art form expression. Nicole will tell you about her life as a cabaret dancer.

Submitted: January 12, 2017

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Submitted: January 12, 2017



Dancing is an art form, and it is as respectable as any other art forms. But sometimes art can be very controversial, as it might show the darker side of human mind. Dancing can be very sensual and erotic as it uses the human body as an art form expression. We, human beings, are sexual creatures. In the wild, some bird courtship dances are executed to attract mates. They are in fact some kind of erotic dance moves. And in a cabaret the dance is especially focused on eroticism. But the cabaret dancer, is not necessarily a prostitute. You are only allowed to watch, physical contact is prohibited. So, the dancers are not selling their body. Does it make them more respectable than hookers? I won't answer this question as it is highly controversial and debatable.

Cabaret dancers belong to the nightlife. So, they are seen negatively by the public opinion. But really, they are a bit like the hookers. They are useful, they are into entertainment. Beers is not enough for men to have fun. But a good show given by a cabaret dancer might fulfill their expectations. Sexual intercourse is not necessarily the "only possible" outcome of a night out. Sex happens primary in the brain. So, you can be satisfied without physical contact. Just let your imagination go wild and feel the emotions provoked by the sexual energy coming from the dancer. It's about provocative, suggestive and erotic moves on the dance floor. You just need to know how your brain reacts to the stimulations and awakening of sensual desire.

Nicole is a cabaret dancer from "Australia", and her nickname is "Queen of the Desert". If you travel to Australia someday, you'll encounter a lot of desert almost everywhere. Nicole danced in the hottest and most prestigious places in the world, like "Monte Carlo" and "Moulin Rouge!" in Paris. She even danced in the best casinos in Monaco. And the prince himself dubbed her of "Grace of Monaco" of the nightlife, for the impact she made on him. She is the kind of women a man would "Die For". She is so tall, blessed with never-ending legs and beautiful long red hair, with sexy and aggressive dance moves... But still, she never accepted to have sex with clients for money, even for a big sum. She makes enough money by dancing. She just want the men behaving and keeping their hands off her. She wants to be respected for what she does for a living. So, you are not allowed to touch her, or she get you out of the place right away. Some guys made the bad experience, and they'll never ever try again.

Nicole is a "Queen" on the dance floor, and clients bend down forward to give her a few dollars. It's "Practical Magic" as she likes to repeat. It is similar to the magicians when they hypnotize and fascinate the public with their tricks. She is really some kind of magician. Her dance moves are magical. And it's not only about the moves. It's about the mystery, the sexual energy and magnetism surrounding her personality and own desire. She is the expression of human sexuality, and her self-confidence light up the stage. Guys just go totally crazy, like animals in heat. And at the end of the night, they go home satisfied. That's the most important part of the show. Guys in heat get satisfied and don't make trouble. They just go to home to sleep, completely drunk. And spend the rest of the night dreaming about "amazingly sexy" Nicole. It's all about sexual fantasy, and it keeps "the beasts" and instinct under control. It's "rape safe" if you understand what I mean. And in context the term has nothing to do with unattractive women.

Is she "Bewitched" when she dances frenetically on stage? For sure she is. And it is the right place as she is safe to lose control and let herself go wild. When she leaves stage it's all over. She is no longer the "Queen of the Desert", just a normal woman holding her breath for the intense physical effort. And the guys too come down. Actually, getting crazy just for a moment is healthy. It releases the tension and frustration of daily life. It might look savage, bestial, dirty and disturbing. But that's how tension and frustration look like when being kicked out of "troubled minds".

Some cabaret owners said about her she was a "Genius" for her dancing skills and talent. Some clients said she made them feel like a "Lion". They all felt like "Kings of the Desert" while watching her performing. And the magic of her dancing was in the reaction she provoked in th public, she made the public alive. And it's something priceless. She liked the "Days of Thunder", cause it brought the "electric" tension she needed to feel at the top of her game. She liked "Flirting" with the clients, but it never went further. Except with "Billy Bathgate" the man she would fall in love with. Unfortunately, it was a love "Far and Away", as Billy was not looking for anything serious. Cabarets are places where people go to have fun. Definitely not the right place to fall in love. Nicole learned her lesson well and never fell in love again. But "Billy Bathgate" will remain her "Batman Forever", the love of her life.

What a cabaret dancer think of herself? It's interesting to find out about it. And Nicole was the right person to ask the many questions about the intimate world of cabaret dancers.

"Even as a child I had a strong relationship with yearning and desire. And loss. Those things spoke to me."

Being a cabaret dancer is all about it. If you don't have strong desire and the need to express and exhibit it, forget about being an "erotic" dancer. Loss is important too. Exhibiting yourself like Nicole does is demanding, and requires courage to face stage fright. On the first night, the cabaret dancer feels like she loses her virginity. This is a symbolic act, like a baptism of fire. In short an "important loss".

"I have a passion for my work, and that can seep into you. It's almost as if you're drawn to it."

Dancing with no passion wouldn't attract any clients. This is one of the secret behind Nicole's success as a dancer. She is literally drawn to it. She cannot resist the temptation, and it make her wild,... wild,... wild. And she draws a lot of clients to her shows. She reflects her desire and wildness on them. It's like a religious communion. It goes far beyond the senses, it involves the souls. As long as everybody feel safe, there's nothing wrong with that.

"The thing you hate about yourself tends to be the thing that everyone likes about you."

What sometimes bothers her about her job, is that she is seen as an over sexual object, an object of desire. She is much more than that. She is an emancipated woman, and she has a brain. She sometimes wishes to be valued for her mind and her soul. But cabaret clients don't go to see her for the secrets and beauty of her mind. So, she plans to retire someday, when she gets tired of it.

"Breathe and don't try to be perfect."

This is the advice she gives to beginners. If clients like what you do, you don't need to be perfect. If you want to be a perfect dancer, go to the ballet dance academy.

"You're either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you're going to be a voyeur. And I'm not a voyeur."

This is why she is a dancer, and never attended a Chippendales Show.

"So, goodnight Nicole. I should say good day as you dance all night long and sleep during the day. You are alive and make you clients alive. And it's all that matters."

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