We All Go Down Together

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Word Vomit in the depths of our despair, may be what brings us forward.

Submitted: January 12, 2017

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Submitted: January 12, 2017



Put in the earbuds. If only to drown out your voice. I pushed you out. And I turned the lock.

Though once you’re gone, I crave the smell of your grace that used to surround me.

We weren’t in love. We were love itself. We were its creation. In everything it was, we did.

You were a broken puzzle, and I fit you like the long lost missing pieces.

I didn’t know where I was. Until you found me. You took my hand, and you showed me how.

I learned slowly, but I fell so quickly. I didn’t expect you to catch me.

You held up the mirror and I saw myself. But in my eyes, I held you.

For who I was, you accepted. For what I am, you have taken. No pain will ever be known in your presence. How was I to know it would never last?

Moments are short, because time is fast. Speeding away, just slipping through the fingers of a desperate soul. I’ve tried to hang on. I was in too deep. You pushed me up, so I would not drown.

Water filled your lungs in the process. As I was raised, you sunk lower. But you showed no regret. It was me you put first. And all the others.

“Before me”, you said, “will come you.” I protested, but only halfheartedly I must confess.

I admire your courage. To take on the unknown. I wish to be there, beside you, through each step of the way.

Words mean so little in the heat of the moment. I must get this message across. Somehow. You say you don’t understand. And my simple reply is that everything meant to be seen, will show itself in its true form to you. This I swear. I will not see you go down.

We are on the same ship. And if it so happens to sink, then so it shall be. But always remember…

You jump. I jump. For we





Maybe one day, they will see my message in the bottle.

Remember us..

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