Red Roses in Cold Winds

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A friend's close friend has died. Who has done it?

Submitted: January 12, 2017

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Submitted: January 12, 2017



Red Roses in Cold Winds – Short Story By Nairda




Friday night into Saturday early morning



I have trouble sleeping. I just came back from some business, it kinda broke my watch. Many people relate but I'm guessing having the next day off isn't too bad. I'm home alone, this space, this air, this place is mine. Till four o' clock next morning at least. My mom is working all the time. She runs a costume store and I'll help her occasionally. I came home around two fifteen. I wanted to sneak and see the park again. I glance at the clock and it's two forty-five. I got around two hours till she comes, now or never.


You know how your parents tell you to not leave the house without permission, well I don't really care. Dad left me eight years ago and abused me so I'm glad he left. I used to be a wuss back then. Now I'm sneaking out to the park at two-ish in morning.


I creep down my steps, take my house keys, and slip through the front door in stealth. I felt like water flowing. The sky is dark and quiet. The stars aren't out and the clouds are very vaguely red. I waltz through my neighborhood and arrive at the corner of the block where the park is at. The park is surrounded by a large metal fence twice as tall as me. As I walk to the park, I see a dark figure walking around, back and forth. Curiosity kills the cat, in my case, kills them. The person calls out to me when I got too close.

"Who goes?"

"Not a murderer I'll say that."

 "Wait, Tom?"

"Damian? Is that your stupid voice I hear?"


"Shut it Tom. It ain't like your voice is appealing either."


Damian is my good friend. He transferred last year to Echo High and was in my classes most of the time. He's tall, a bit taller than me, skinny, and has black hair with a dark crimson red mixture blended. He's popular. We both are.


"The hell you doing here Tom?"

 "I could ask the same to you. A person in the park wearing black clothes walking in circles."

"I came here because I wanted to get flowers for Lilly-


That name echoed in my mind for a while. Lilly by the way is his girlfriend. Her nickname for only Damian to call her by is Lilly. Her actual name is Lilac. She’s shorter than him, brunette, nice personality, great gal. She also broke my watch earlier.


 "- why are you here anyway"

"I can't sleep and got bored"

"You're retarded"

"Right back at cha."


We talk for a few minutes and part ways. I walked back home in the calm night. Gazing at the clouds and their dark red colors. I opened the door, slowly. Everything was slightly misplaced. I tap three times on the wall beside me. I hear three more taps. My mom comes out of the kitchen, tired and confused.


"Where were you?"

"The corner store."


"I got hungry."


"You know we have food in the kitchen right?"

"I didn't know, even if I did I would've still went."

"Just go to bed."

"Right back at cha."


I lie in bed staring at the wooden roof of my house. Then I glance at the clock. "3:14". Wow. Mom came early.


Saturday morning 8:00 A.M.



I wake next morning at nine-ish. My mom left for work already so I'm home alone again. I grab some bread and put it in the toaster. I sat down and turned on the TV.


"Breaking News. Lady found murdered yesterday night. Location : Near Grizzly Park. Dead since 1:25"


My eyebrows lift in interest very slowly. I have this uncontrollable urge to call Damian and tell him the news. Reasons why, his reaction to it. 


"You aight bro?"

"My girlfriend..."

"What about Lilac?”

"She was the one murdered...."


My spine tingles slightly.


"What? She's dead?"

"Yes... she's gone."


I didn’t mutter a word. He hangs up and I sit there. Gazing at the ceiling, deep in thoughts.  Lilac was a fine gal. I barely knew her but Damian knew her like the back of the hand. They'd been together for three years. Pitiful. I call Damian later that day. We hung out and went to her funeral the next day. His face during the funeral, was very gloomy He knocks my arm with his fist.


"Hey Tom."


"Thanks for being a good friend to me."

I laugh discreetly in my head. So hard I had to hold my stomach to avoid myself from falling over in laughter.


"No problem dude. I'll always get your back."


I glance at my broken watch. ‘5:27’. I arrive home at six. Everything untouched since yesterday. Hours go by. I owned the space for hours. I lie in bed again. It was two again.  My thoughts drifted about death. I thought to myself “What happens when you die.” These are all questions we eventually ask. My eyes never seem to close shut and my thoughts never seem to drift off. I glance once more at the clock. ‘2:23’.


I grab my keys and run through the door. The sky was clear. The stars are shining unlike the night of her death. Planes fly by, tainting the clear sky with a dark smoke. Once again, the neighborhood is quiet. I arrive at the corner of the metal fence surrounding the park.  I felt an eerie shiver rattle through the back of my skull. It felt marvelous. Lilac. I mean like what a waste, Damian was picking flowers for her that night, then next morning he finds out she’s dead. Pity. I slowly stroll to the entrance of the park gate when I see Damian, again. He’s carrying a black bag on his back and is going to the back of the playground.




The figure quickly turns around


“Tom? Again?”

“Right back at cha. Why are you here again?”

“I’m throwing out some things here, my house ran out of space in the garbage disposal and the garbage truck didn’t come by yet.”

“You okay. You know, about her”

“Yeah. I guess so.


The night was silent and still after those words had been spoken.


“What are you even throwing out bro?”

“Oh just some old books. You know, spring cleaning is here.”


Damian walks off into the darkness. Spotlights illuminated the park until the afternoon, at night, one spotlight shines the middle of the park. I wander around in circles and eventually wandered into the back off the park. The flowers have started to bloom. I crouch down and see a rose red like blood. I yanked it out of the ground, just like that, its petals fell off too. I basically killed something I thought to myself. I see the broken glass from the night before from when Lilac hit my precious watch while trying to run away from me. To pay her back, I cracked her neck. Nothing much.



Sunday night into Monday early morning


­­­ I wave bye to Tom and walk home. I’m glad I got that ridden of. I open the door to my house and jump into bed. I live alone. I always was. My parents left me very young, I was orphaned. My adopted parents moved me here; they fund everything as long as I do well in school. Lilly is always by my side, at least she was. My eyes shut, and my mind disappears into the night.


Monday morning 8:30 a.m.


I skip school the next day and lie in bed the entire day. Lilly. Lilly. Lilly. Lilac... That name won’t ever leave my head. The hours fly by as I stare at my phone’s digital clock while I browse through my libraries of music to try and get myself more cheerful.  It’s almost midnight and I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. I get up and open my fridge. Empty. I look outside and see the spotlights illuminating the block. My stomach growls. Over and over.


The wind blows through my thin clothes, chilling my whole body. I start to lose feeling in my upper chest and slowly through my elbows. My  legs are moving on their own like an android’s movements. My vision is turning hazy and my sense of hearing is dissipating. The air moving through the trees no longer made any noise. I heard close to nothing. I lose my sense of direction and wound up at the park. I recognize the scenery faintly as the spotlight was shining the park. The one that shone at two o’ clock. I walk to the back where I spot the black bag I had left here. I left all my possessions close to Lilly, or should I say Lilac. Books, pictures, memories, buried in this pack. I open the gate that leads to the back of the park. The back of the park is a garden of flowers. Blooming in the spring, the sweet-smelling nectar fills my lungs. I regain my sense of touch and hearing. I bend over and touch the petal of a dandelion. How soft and delicate I thought. I hear some rustling behind me but regard as the wind. It slowly crept up to the back of me. I thought nothing of it, I was in my own world, with no purpose, and no Lilac. My back went numb, I thought nothing of it. My legs lose energy and I go tumbling to my knees.  I look down at my knees and see a reflection. I see my face, looking at me. Blood. Everywhere.


I twist my neck slowly. I see a dark figure staring at me, glaring through my soul it felt.


“What a waste wasn’t she huh Damian. Wouldn’t you agree?”


That voice. I recognize it. Where? Where? Where?


“My watch broke because of your girlfriend thrashing around. She shoulda just stood still. You know how hard it is to clean up splattered blood?”


Then it struck, like a poison dagger to my chest.


“My watch broke because of her thrashing.”

“T-Tom? I-is that you?”

“Man you look like a train-wreck. It was just a gal man.

“Why are you talking like that. Don’t tell me...”


I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t believe that Tommy was like this. That he, was the murderer. The one who took Lilly away.


“Why did you kill her?!?”


“Answer me right now!”

“You know, she was such a waste.”


Why? Why? Why? Tommy was my best friend. He comforted me when I came here. Lilly and Tommy were the most important people to me. They were the anchors that kept me in this miserable world.


“Hey Damian, you know how I have a sleeping problem.”

“Shut the hell up.”

My conscious was starting to fade. My body went numb and my sight became weak.


“You know I could’ve killed you that night.”


My back shivers.


“Wh-what do you mean?”

“My sleeping problem makes me sleep late. When I saw you at the park that one night, I could’ve easily killed you. If I hadn’t shouted out your name do you really think you would’ve noticed me walking behind you.”


I am silent.


“Why did you kill her?”


“Because of fucking what?!? Answer me!”

“Dunno.” he bluntly said.


Those words, echoing through my head. Murder for no reason and his eyes, lifeless and looking at me. Staring through my soul. My whole body collapses to the ground with a thud. I could hardly see anymore, but I could see the roses. Stained with red, a darker coat of crimson red, my blood, splatters on the array of roses. I could see Tommy lean down.


“I fucking hate you.” I said with a raspy voice.


He whispers loudly enough for me to hear. And with a big smile on his face, he says.


“Right back at cha.”


© Copyright 2018 Nairda Jam. All rights reserved.

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