Remember - Episode 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Remember is a story that tell about two people from different background, who really want to find true love and happiness.

Submitted: January 12, 2017

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Submitted: January 12, 2017




Main characters

Yuki (A 26 years old guy. The son of a very wealthy man mr muga, he studied in the U.S.A he's so open and good at helping others, but he never want to fall in love with any one, due to what his mom did to his father even when he loved her so much. He mom left him at the age of 8 with his dad because they were going through hard times. And went in with another man.)

Rei (A 24 years old girl who lost both parents at the age of 10. Due to this she grown up to be an unhappy person)

Supporting characters

Mr muga (The father of yuki, a very wealthy man, he's the president of 3 big companies in japan.) Rina (A friend of yuki who have feeling for him) Haru (A guy who helps people with benefits) Mika (The only friend Rei has) Hiroto (A guy who is after yuki's life)


It was a rainy day in Nagoya japan, everyone on the street all looked for where to stay so that they won't get wet. Rei, looking all sad walking in the rain with so many things going on in her head, she stood for a moment, looked up to the sky and said I wish this rain could wash away all my problem. And Rei walked slowly to her destination. Mr muga was reading a book when his phone rang, he pick the call, hello (the caller) hello dad it's me Yuki mr muga smiled and said oh son it have been a while since you last called me. (the caller yuki) I'm so sorry dad I had to finish up some things and I will be back in a week time see you dad. Mr muga is so happy to know that his son will be back soon.

Two (2) week later, mr muga gave his son yuki one of his company, a house and a car as a gift. This made yuki so happy.

It's a very beautiful morning, Rei wakes up in a hurry and gets ready to get a job. She went to yuki's company for a job interview, and she got the job. The next morning she woke up and hurried to work. When she got there it was already late but got save by mika an employee at the company too. Mika seem so nice and kind she helped Rei so many times in the office. On a monday morning, Yuki is all dressed up and went to his dad and told him that he's going to take full responsibly of the company from now on. His dad was so glad and gave him the go ahead. Rei woke up late again and hurried to the office, but before she could get there Yuki was already there she ran in and badge into yuki, who are you? yuki said............... (To Be Continued.)

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