My f**king Life

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A strong poem about drug addiction heroin the ups and down of it from being high to have to steal and your family being thrown out of your life by you And you not giving a fuck about anything or anyone in your life

Submitted: January 13, 2017

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Submitted: January 13, 2017



My F**king Life


You think of the days you were so happy,

I'll show you something more worthwhile

I can show you how to steal and lie. And get away with things

I've been known to destroy lives.
Taking it out, teenagers friends fathers and my

They have all tried to stop me fuck me what a joke

People will leave me, that's just fucking fine.

Pretty soon I will have a needle, looking for a vain to hold

As I grow up it gets a lot worse but do I give a shit no I don't

just give me that shit and let me get high and not care one bit

If I live or die. The world spins faster I am being attacked by a brain

I feel like I'm being haunted and it's by an evil boy

heroin intoxication is fucking ace

I have found a drug that wrapped me up in a warm luxurious blanket that

shields me from all my worldly fears, anger, and pains.

It's like a burst of tingly euphoria starting in my chest.

and radiating out through my body

The only fucking problem I am running out of veins

heroin in all its forms is dangerous and addictive.

But do I give a shit no.

I need your money your gold or what ever I can see

so I can get my drugs and get them fucking inside me I am starting to come down

and I fucking hate this feeling I get so sad and thoughts of suicide crosses my mind

but it won't last long cause I have just robbed your house now its time

To find my supplier and start all over again.

So am I going to stop. !!LIKE FUCK I AM!!. I have nothing left in this life

So don't try and talk and don't try and get me to rehab cause it's

not going to work it my choice and it's my fucking life


By Simon Jones

© Copyright 2019 SLJONES. All rights reserved.

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