Taking My Youth

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Submitted: January 13, 2017

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Submitted: January 13, 2017



I just need to fight back this tear Don’t hurt me now wait till I’m alone in front of the mirror Love myself, is what I need to learn Should I binge, purge, cut or burn This all started with people calling me queer

Young years is what you took I need to stop judging the way I look Friends are what I already lost They told me all the bad that I cost Love myself, I need to get that hook

I should just end up walking away From all these people with labels like gay I’m sorry I have all this pain I almost thought I had hit a vein I wished I loved myself for just a day

I wish I could walk the halls with my head held high But I could I do that without beginning to cry I’m so insecure about myself and my mind I wish people would be nice and kind Because there was even a time I tried to commit suicide

My life hasn’t always been such a stress But maybe now I can stop judging the way I dress Most times I’m all alone All of my problems I wish they had known I’m trying to stop my life from this big mess

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