Prostitution in Nevada

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My Dark King

Book / Romance

The energy between us was tangible. As if I could reach out with my fingers and be burned by its sheer intensity. I swallowed and tried to refrain from looking desperate. Desperate to kiss him. Desperate to touch him. Desperate to run my tongue over the tendons of his neck and the ridges of his abs. His eyes burned into to me, hotter then any fire or sun I had ever encountered...

Phoenix: Chapter 1 (Phoenix)

Book / Fantasy

I never thought my life would turn out this way. Running for my life, fighting to find my next meal. From the beginning to the end, I still can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had stayed. I had planned a different life for me, nice and legal. But life always seams to have other ideas...

Burning with Power

Book / Fantasy

Alexandria or Alex is a dragon living amongst humans. With only her shape shifting dog/guardian/best friend/annoyance to help her. From a world based shaped from violence and power plays, she doesn’t understand human emotions, reasoning, and their concepts of love.