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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: terrific tales

6 days of constant harassment. it finally stops and now she is worried for her life. will she be left in peace or will the worry kill her before he does.

I have been watching you lets see if  you can spot me?

I can see you do you see me?

dont know who I am not much of a surprise.

I love that preety blue sparkly dres you have on I am whereing the same thing  do you see me

you must be blind  if you dont know me now 


Last chance beautiful. before im gone for good. but don't woirry ill be back.

"I have been recieving these notes in my locker for quit a while now, and I was wondering if you could help me take care of it. said Joselynthis has been going on constantly for the past  7 days. I need it to stop now."

"I am sorry little girl but until I have proof that this person has done something physical to you then I am afraid it is not in myposition to take control of this situation." said the sherrif regreating his chie  of words.

"fine". I didn't understand why  this wouldn't be considarded an emergency i said to ashly on the way back to class.After 3rd period I left to my locker, heart raceing and hands sweating, like I just ran a mile. I opened my lockere slowly and peeked into the  crack nothing was inside except my lucky pen, computer and chemestry book. I closed my locker slowly tring to figure out why there was no note. Then it accored to me that mabye sence this  guy was watching my everymove he stopped the notes to avoid trouble but then as soon as that thought passed through my mind. CRASH! an arrow was lauched through a glass window and stuck into my locker exacty with a note atached to it. the not said "glad to finally recieve a message from you but it was the wrong one LET THE WAR BEGIN."

At this point my mind was completely blown that it made me want to skip the  next class so I went to starbucks right across the sreet and the moment I walked into star bucks there he was standing there in all black, face completely hidden behind the scrowl .He stood there with a bow and and a pecil and 1 sheet of paper and wrote "COME TO PAPA".

Submitted: January 14, 2017

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