Heart of war

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Future...

Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



It has been a week now since the rain of fire...

For the past week, I have been practicing magic, White and Clio have been teaching me basic magic

"Great lord bestow upon me the power needed to crush my foes, STRENGTH"

"you are doing a great job child, this time I want you to combine it with Fira"

"Burn to Ash, FIRA"

"Very good child"


“I am impressed child within a week you were able to master level 1 and 2, a normal human need months to do that and you manage to do that in a week”
White complimented me
“Not only that but with our help maybe you will be able to at least do 1 level 4 magic”
Clio continued
“Child, repeat after me”
then everything turns white…
when I opened my eyes I found myself in a middle of a fort
“Child… how did you do that…”

People were gathering around me
“did you see that..”
“He suddenly…”
People were talking all around me wondering how I do that…
suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind the crowds
“What have you been doing for this past one week”
he growls
“Unlike you father I am making progress… now I’m one step closer of becoming stronger”
he was speechless…
“just… just come with me”
“Sir Lancelot Sir who is this child?”
“Halt men… he is with me”


I was brought to his office and I can see from his face that he is not pleased…
“Child… for this 1 week what have you been doing”
“worry now father as I just studying magic from this scrolls”
I show him the scrolls containing mother magics


Suddenly my pendant started to glow followed by my grimoire revealing White and Clio

“Sir Lancelot it is an honor to meet you once more”
White spoke to him

“White… I never wished to meet you again and you I presume you as one of Iris artifact that she gave an intelligence”
Father spoke to them like he knows them

“what a smart mortal you are, my name is Clio and yes I am one of Master Iris intelligent artifact”

Father proceed to sit down

“Child… what do you think of becoming a knight”
father offers me

“A great evil is rampaging this England… I want you my child to carry my will to help me… no Great Britain itself…”
“What do you think I’m came here for, I came to learnt from you… I am planning to be king of Great Britain after all”
As expected father was stunned
“HAHAHAHA child you dare challenge our king ?”
he asked

“I challenged the world if I have to”
I thought that he would be pissed but it is the opposite…

Father look pleased

“My child king of Great Britain… Very Well this old man will teach you everything he knows, give me 1 month and you will be the best in…”
But before he could finish Clio interrupt him

“Mortal… I pity your ignorant”

Clio looks at White and they both nodded

“Who do you think this child is within 2 months we can reassure you he will be the best magic swordsman Great Britain will ever know”

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