Heart of war

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Origin Pt.1

Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017



“Bestow upon this sword the power to crush my foes, ENCHANT”


Agravain dashed at me head on

“heh, you are not the fastest on the group for nothing but still to SLOW”

I said as I dodged his attacks

“Ball of flames circle around my hand, FIREBALL”

I chanted as I shot ball of fire as him but it was blocked of by Magress

“Your magic is nothing compared to my shield”
Galahad announcing his attack


Before kicking him in the face

“never announced your attack to your enemy”


For the past month father, has been teaching me “The way of a knight”

In a short period of time I am forced to learn sword fight, archery, horse riding, and somehow, I need to study…

“That’s enough for today”
Father stopped us

“It is time for military class now, wash up and I meet you there”
“give us more time I’m sure we can crush this newbie”

Galahad spoke followed by some agreement in the back

“All of you are fools if master is not holding back you all would perish in an instant”
Clio argued
“Don’t you see he never use his sword, not only that but now master is also practicing shortening chants meaning the mock battle before is to test how fast can he thought of a new chant in the middle of a battle”

Sure, after they were speechless

“Now now Clio… they were really good you know, I was placed in a pinch many times you know”

I tried calming Clio down before she makes any more senseless remarks

“Master let me… umggrhn urghht”
Clio tried to speak but was stop by White
“Child isn’t it time for your class, wash up now and go to class… your father is waiting”
White said before disappearing with Clio


Sure, enough it was awkward…

No one dares to utter any single word even after classes

Heh Clio did go too far with that statement just now

I may be strong but it is not enough... I need more

“Good attitude master”
White talked to me mentally

Every time she did that it always scared me a bit… I always forgot she could read my mind

“White every time you do this I swear I’m always surprised at least tell me first next time”
I warned her

“I can’t help it your thoughts are so… interesting”


“so, master… back to our magic lesson”

White say as she materialized herself

“Now that you are capable of short chants we move on to our next lesson… silent chantment, remember when we met Clio for the first time and so I believe for today Clio is the best to be your teacher”
And soon Clio appeared

“Well silent chantment is really easy you just think about the magic and…”
Soon wind spears started to appear around her

“just like that simple”

“Clio… can you be more specific like how to do it?”

I asked her

“ummm well, first you must feel pump after that think of the magic then It was just like whoosh… owwww”

As White hit Clio in her head

“I think I am wrong to ask you to teach Master…”

“hehehe White wait let me try it first”

I then proceed to concentrate

“good now master picture your magic materialization”

I begin picturing the rock in front of me to explode and not long after it exploded


Clio and White was speechless

“Wow master you did really well but silent chantment can be really tiring I think it is best to wash up a little for now”

“but I am not tired...”

But before I could even argue White grab my shoulders

“Master please listen to us and rest for today okay?”

“yes White…”

This is the first time I saw White like that… she looked kind of pissed

I waste no more time as I left to wash up


“Clio, you saw that didn’t you”
White asked Clio

“Sadly… yes I did”

“Have we ever once taught him about explosion once”

White asked Clio

“No… shouldn’t Explosion be a long-forgotten magic…”

“It is… I fear that the Black Dragon is getting stronger day by day…”

“OHOHOHO you ladies fear too much”

As a familiar voice appear behind them revealing Merlin

“But in this case... I think fear is the right expression”

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