Super Psychologist

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Doctors have always been part of society, as people always got sick. Psychologists are therapists specialized in the mind. But why psychologists have become so popular in modern societies? The conclusion is, if so many people attend psychotherapy sessions, there must be some serious and widespread mind diseases and conditions. Jennifer has the key to resolve mind related problems.

Submitted: January 14, 2017

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Submitted: January 14, 2017



Doctors have always been part of society, as people always got sick. Psychologists are therapists specialized in the mind. But why psychologists have become so popular in modern societies? The conclusion is, if so many people attend psychotherapy sessions, there must be some serious and widespread mind diseases and conditions. And if in the past there was no such needs, there must be a problem in the way modern societies shape our lives. Technologically advanced societies are obviously mentally too demanding and competitive. That might explain why so many people can't stand the stress, the fast-paced, and strong pressure put on them. It has become an unbearable burden as the level of demand is getting higher and higher.

Each new generation is supposed to be smarter than the previous, but human mind seems to have some limitations. It seems we have reach our limits, and only the most adaptable individuals manage to do well. Humans are not "super robots". We are a creative and resourceful race, but we cannot push ourselves over the limits of our health. Too much competition and expectations create lots of anxiety. I think society should slow down a bit. But time is money, and the slow ones (companies and people) get behind, and ultimately get out of business. This society of winners and losers is very harsh. What can psychologists do about it? They try to help.

Jennifer is one of these "helpers of the minds". She basically listens to his patients, and give them some advice. She analyses their life and their mind during sessions weeks after weeks. When people get used to, it's like going to the gym. They get addicted and dependent on the therapy. They have to tell and ask for advice anytime something happen in their life. Jennifer listens to people's problems and worries, cause they don't want to bother their family and friends all the time. Beside family and friends may judge them and have no obligation to respect privacy. Psychologists do. It looks like people don't have time for other people's personal problems. So, if you pay someone to listen to your problems it's fine. You don't waste their time as you pay for it. The problem is that time has become so valuable, you want to save it for doing something else. Listening to people takes a lot of time, but empathy needs time to develop. What kind of world would we live in if empathy has become a "waste of time"?

Jennifer had many "Career Opportunities", cause she was very studious. She would have been successful in a number of careers involving the mind, as she is blessed with special psychic abilities. "Some Girls" she knows said about her she understood paranormal phenomenas, as if she had access to "Higher Learning". She could connect with her patients to a deeper level. It's like she had the ability of "Waking the Dead". But she could also reach the most beautiful parts of the human soul with a "Requiem of Dream". Jennifer was not like anybody else, she had awakened her soul, and she had become a mystic. Human mind is like a "Labyrinth", and she was especially good at helping her patients to find their way out. If you feel lost and desperate, don't worry, Jennifer will tell you which way to go. She can talk directly to people's souls, and their anxiety disappear almost at once.

With her special ability there's no need to prescribe antidepressant drugs. If you look for Prozac, Jennifer will tell you to use it on last resort. But she is not a psychiatrist, she is not allowed to prescribe any drugs. Thanks goodness! It's the last tool she needs in her job. Many psychiatrists are "slaves" of the healthcare industry. Medicaments are a huge business, and multinational pharmaceutical companies have lobbies, and use their economic power to subdue and "buy" the other actors of the health industry (doctors, psychiatrists, hospitals, health insurances...). With big money and influence they reach their goals, turning health into a big mafia. Said in another way: HEALTH HAS BECOME HELL!

But Jennifer is not interested in this "dirty" business. She is more interested it the "Hot Spot" "Of Love and Shadows". The troubled souls have a shadow that has to be freed. Jennifer's job is to touch the "Hot Spot", the spot that hurts the most. The curation of the souls passes by their shadow. Jennifer will take it "Seven Minutes to Heaven", and the shadow will dissolve in the light of love. She knows that love is the best drug for soul healing. And this is why she focused on developing a loving heart. She is not afraid of shadow, but shadows are afraid of her. In the presence of love, no shadows, even the most evil can't resist.

We live in a "Dark City" and our souls bathe in "Dark Water". It means the cities we live in are as contaminated as our souls. "Little Children" must be protected of our contamination, and be offered a "Salvation Boulevard", a safe place to be. "The Dilemma" is money against ethics. Jennifer has many enemies in her profession, cause she "doesn't follow money". She always criticize therapists who keep their patients forever. She thinks people have to be free and independent. When she thinks a patient is strong enough to "fly by its own", she ends the therapy. Some patients do a bit of "tourism". They change therapist all the time cause they are dissatisfied. And when they end up with Jennifer, they realized most of their previous therapists were a waste of time. Jennifer had true empathy and love, she was not the kind of person who pretended to care. She actually didn't analyse too much the mind, she tried to reach the soul. The mind is problematic, it poisons the heart if you let it. Sometimes, you just have to tell the mind to shut up, like a person who talks compulsively. Jennifer offers "Shelter" and a "Winter's Tale" to distract and calm down the mind. And when people feel at ease and relaxed, they just want to forget their problems for a while. Then they listen to the music of their soul. This is the "Creation" of love to be able to listen to this beautiful tune.

What kind of advice Jennifer gives to her patients? Here are some of her most important piece of advices. She sometimes includes herself in the conversation using the first person. It usually makes the patients comfortable and closes the gap between therapist and patient.

"If you get too attached to how you want it to come out the other side, you freeze. I try to trust that it will work out in the end."

Don't have too many expectations, it will create a lot of frustration. And it will make you freeze. This is why Jennifer tells so many "Winter's Tale" to reverse the freezing process of the mind.

"I don't always like my own behavior. I haven't known anyone who is perfect all the time."

There is no need to be perfect. Some of your behavior annoy you, but it's part of you and part of life. You have to learn to accept yourself as you are, with your imperfections and things you don't like about yourself. Life is not about being perfect, it's about accepting and loving yourself.

"I felt for a long time that this is what I want to do so I'm happy at this point to just take my time and work on projects that I feel strongly about, and the rest of the time just live my life"

Dedicate your time and effort to what you really like. Realizing your dreams and projects is what make you move forward. And when it is accomplished, just take a break and enjoy your life till the next project.

"Growing up, being watched from the outside... it's kind of very taxing and maybe I should just do some kind of manual labor-it might be more relaxing. But I can't, it's not in my nature."

Knowing your nature is very important, cause you have to be comfortable with what you do.

You have to listen to Jennifer, cause she has a "Beautiful Mind" and an even more beautiful soul.

"So, goodnight Jennifer. As long as your patients feel close to your heart, they have nothing to fear about their own shadow."


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